PwC Assessment Centre 2016


Not really, but would be a plus in the group exercise if u can squeeze it in, shows ur commercial awareness.


Hi mate,

I will be there for the fast track too :D.


Thank you so much for this information. It definitely helps a lot! How do you know that the numerical and logical is negatively marked after a certain threshold? So would you suggest just answering the questions you definitely know the answer to? And is there a minimum number of questions you have to answer?


Don’t make any wild guesses. Accuracy matters.
As long as you have answered more than 12 in numerical and more than 30 in diagrammatic and they are all correct , you’ll be fine.

I answered 16 in numerical and 38 in diagrammatic and I cleared.


I answered only 10 in numerical (all correct) and I passed.


Hi abishake,
I have also been interviewed in same office in assurance department and interviewed by the director last thurday but so far they didn’t respond so it means I didn’t make it or what? Can you please guide.?


Hey guys. I have been looking through this site for the past week on some information for the assessment center. I’ve got more tips than I need, but I haven’t been able to find anything on what exactly is the written report and the group exercise.

What I have found out so far:

Written Exercise: There will be 4 options in 10-15 pages of documents that an individual must find. He/She must also find pros, cons and make a recommendation. (All this must be done in 30 mins)
Can someone who has gone through the process tell me a bit more about what the documents were, their source, what the options were and importantly how easy is to spot the options and their pros and cons.

Psychometric Testing: Similar to the online tests but slightly harder

Group Exercise: Every member of the group will be given an information pack which varies slightly from member to member. The group is given 15 mins to read through 15 pages, and then…

What are you meant to be talking about?
What does the information pack contain?
Are you assigned roles? or Options?

Thanks for your help. (AC coming up in a couple of weeks)


For the written exercise you will be given a document for it and all the info starts from page 8. Spotting the options is easy as it is laid out for you. Pros and cons you will have to read it within the options and write it out

For the Group exercise: you will be told what you will need to do - but you will be assessing each persons options and which is the best option to pick. The info pack will contain relevant info on your company and the industry. Your assigned an option that’s for sure


Hey here are some tips that helped me pass the AC

Written Exercise: there are four options. The documents has a mix of emails, news clippings and tables/charts
DEFINITELY make a recommendation even if you don’t have time to write about all the options. Dosen’t matter which option you pick as long as it is justified.

Psychoemtric: Logical is quite easy. Numerical is A LOT harder than the online test. It’s all about accuracy so do not guess the answers. I only answered about 12 or 13 of the questions but still passed. Would recommend practising these before the AC. I just used all the free material online

Group exercise: information is all pretty straightforward. it was about sustainability or something (cant remember exactly)
Tips: refer to people by their names, make eye contact. DONT DOMINATE. when making a point, talk to everyone in the group (don’t just look at one person). And try to lead the group into a discussion. Make a concious effort to do this as I find when in group exercises, I’m so engrossed by what’s going on that I may forget.

Hope this all helps. If you have anymore questions, just ask!


It’s about recommending options to help save energy, so you each have a different option and must discuss each one and put forward the best one. Discussing the pros and cons including calculations. The pack contains graphs, news articles, tables etc.

Hope that helps


You guys are true legends. Thanks for all your help. I feel a lot more relieved now that I know what to expect.

I didn’t get the part, 5% of expected profits. What does that mean? I am assuming the investment is going to be 5% of expected profits. I guess it would be unfair and unethical if you told me exactly what to expect. I would understand if you guys don’t want to reveal any more on ethical grounds.


Although I applied as an experienced hire, I think there are some similarities:

  1. Written exercise: the key is really to finish. A short intro, pros and cons of each option, and a recommendation with reasoning should suffice. From my experience, the content was not really important as long as you finish them in a structured way (I still got 6 just putting down some childish pros and cons). Please just try to fill in as soon as you get the brochure. I finished 5 minutes early- can you imagine how bad the content/writing would have been? Please use plain English with unconvoluted sentences so that you can save time and space.
  2. I did a competency-based interview with one of the interviewers there (three total for 6 candidates, all of them seemed like senior managers/directors) and I got along with the interviewer well.
  3. Then group exercise. It seemed like the interviewer who interviewed you on competency based questions also evaluated you in silence. I got a feedback that I was a bit quiet but I felt that the positive impression I gave to the interviewer during the competency-based interview had a positive influence on the group exercise? Another thing about the group exercise is that you just have to discuss and try to get to a decision/conclusion- what you choose and what your reasons are do not really play a role.

On the same day, I was also scheduled in for a partner interview- better to practise for competency-based interviews still, as a lot of partners/senior directors might start off with them then delve into more personalised questions. Know your interviewer’s expertise. My interviewer’s expertise is in operation and mine is actually not… but still reading up some big industry trends in operation helped me engage him in conversation. I asked something in line with his expertise: “I read some articles about XYZ…what are your views/thoughts on it?” And the interview nicely transformed into discussion/conversation.

2 hours after I left the venue, I received a call from the recruiter that I passed all stages. Now he said he has to get back to me with an offer but it seems it takes forever. How long did you guys wait to get offer details from the final partner interview?


Have you got an offer since then? When was your final interview and when did you get a conditional offer (subject to checks)


I’m still waiting for a partner interview! It’s been about a month now. They seem to take ages from AC stage to Partner interview stage


Does anyone have any tips on the Senior Interview for internships? Regional Offices preferably
Are there informal chats or rigidly structured around the competencies?

I had my AC a couple of days ago. Will post some tips on the AC after I get my result.


Its more of an informal chat - but its also an interview- how structured it is - depends on partner/director interviewing you. Mine was pretty much structured, if you can answer all the questions then you chould be fine


Hello, i am reapplying to pwc since its been 3 months since my last rejection after AC. I was wondering if im successful will i be directly sent to AC stage or will i need to gv the telephone interview again? Because the telephone interview is ditto the same, would they still retake my telephone interview?


Hi guys,
I have a telephone interview with PwC on 9th July. If anyone had a telephone interview with them from beginning of june to july can you please let me know what questions came up in that time period. Please let me know asap.


Hi, hamzi, hope ur telephone interview went well, I would have mine in next week, could u share me the questions they asked? have the questions changed from the ones they used to asked and we can found on the wiki? thanks


Hi mate,

same thing happened to me earlier. did they reinstate ur application right from AC stage?