PwC Assessment Centre 2016


Thanks, I am going for the data assurance in Bristol, have been in London for 5 hrs, want to have a different place


Hi sweetywhite,
based on my experience, I got directly right after finishing the online test, maybe max 5 mins after I finished it.


Hi All,

Could you please let me know if in the PwC background check - they contact the previous employers on their own (like someone in HR) or to the line managers with details we provide to them?




To add to what Jeeves asked, could someone also tell me how long does the background check take? Especially for international candidates!!


Is anyone attending the PwC assessment centre in newcastle on the 10th march?


Just finished my AC in Southampton, for those who attended the AC on 04/03/2015, any one got any update so far? How long do I usually need to wait to get the results? They said about 5 working days but I think usually if you succeeded, you will be contacted the next day, is that right?


Not necessarily… On average they call within 3 days


I just want to have a quick question, as i am really confused.
Finished my partner interview last week, got a phone call today saying that they could not decide right now as there are many applicants doing interview next week and my result might depend on their performance, and promised me to contact in 2 weeks. Is this quite abnormal and meaning i am kind of top of RESERVE LIST? how ridiculous it is.


hey guys, i had an AC with PwC on 25th march 2015 and i failed because of the silly diagrammatic test, i didnt meet the 60% threshold. but i had awesome feedback for the rest so i should help you all. first the report i about the water conservation issue, first, write To : Manager whose name is Alex (someone), From : you at PwC
date : whatever, Subject : methods for water conservation.
please write an introduction, the first few lines on the first page or else you will FAIL. then please make a table with 3 headings, option , pros, cons and neatly lay out everything in bullet point format. please do give a conclusion and support is a to why you think its best. i chose reporting [there were four, reporting, cap and trade, tax and one other] you can also choose a combination of methods, please ensure you use the figures presented and mention which has higher startup costs and overall most expensive least expensive scheme etc. that will get you through, they mark on scale of 1-6 and i got 6 in structure and content and 5 in some other thing she said. then i got really good marks in numerical coz im good with numbers, but that messed up logical test with 40q in 20mins messed everything. please keep 30secs per qs and move on if you dont know. they donot measure you against other candiates but against yourself, for example beyond a minimum threshold the performance is a ratio of number of qs attempted to number correct. this doesnot mean you attemot one qs in aims of getting 100%.[which a fellow candiate funnily suggested]. i believe if you attempt more than 12 in numerical and get 8 correct then ur percentage will be 66 but if you attempt 19 and get 10 correct ul get 52 and fail. so donot do any wild guessing. then the group discussion was my pinacle of fame as the associates and my fellow candidates were impressed by my input [too bad i didnt make it through pfffttt] basically in my feedback the recruiter said they loved how i made eye contact, spoke professionally, gave insight about PwC values and how they use recycled oil in their tri-generators[annual report 2014] also how i addressed my fellows by name[no biggie as we were warming up when we came and its easier to rembr names when you speak before the AC starts, the lobby is a nice place] the individual brief contains your own thing and u must calculate the payback and budget needed and then discuss whch is best. there is a thai grant availabke with certain conditions so ensure that your product meets those conditions when you discuss with your group mates elsewise youll sound dumb. do also mention how commerical awareness about sustainability issues has lead to common people playing a more active role in supporting sustainable methods/recycling i.e :coke life, starbucks recycled sleeve etccc, midway you will get email from manager saying thai grant hs been cancelled so ensure the budget which will come to 12.8million[70% of 5% profits invested by ceo] can sustain the project you choose. also aprt from hard facts which method seems best intutitively. like we reached conclusion that either compost or soap can be gone ahead with as they fit our budget, however, soap had a longer payback horizon and wouldnt generate profits for 5 years and who would use soap made of recycled palm fibres on their face? the market for the stuff etc? we chose compost also because as people move towards organic produce, they would prefer cows fed with natural feed rather than chemical feed with hormones as they show up in the milk we drink, the beef we eat etc. hope this helps, to bad i couldnt make it through [fuming!] but hope you all do :slight_smile: best of luck. PM me if anything else is needed on my behalf, happy to help!


From what I was told the process is pretty impartial and they interview everyone before making a decision. This might vary depending on department of course.


OMG this is AWESOME!!! Thanks a lot!!!


Darlings the last option in the report was subsidies :slight_smile: everything will be provided in te report, just relax and do ur best!


Hello. Thanks for the great brief of the AC. I have a question about the written task. One of the commenters have written we should write executive summary. I looked at samples about executive summary, and there is conclusion, and etc included in it. I did not properly understand how to structure the whole report if I include executive summary. For example, first executive summary, then introduction, and every option and their pros/cons, or?


From personal experience, i have no idea what this executive thingy is, however, i wrote an introduction, a table of options with proz and cons and finally a conclusion with my recommendation and supporting arguments, my AC was 25th march 2015 and i got awesome feedback for my report with a 6 for structure (scores between 1 and 6) so I guess u should stick to the safe option. However u can also do what u prefer but i cannot vouch for it as i dont know what it is neither did i do so. :slight_smile:


May I ask what kind of questions were you asked during the senior interview? Thanks!


Hi there. Thanks for the info. I havd one question. What sort of questions do they have for logical reasoning. They emailed me n said ill have to take “diagrammatic” reasoning test. Diagrammatic n logical questions are different on some sites. Were they the ones with 5 shapes n u choose the next one or the ones where they show different rules n how they change the shape n u apply those to get the answer. Im attend the AC on 23rd :confused:


It’s the one where you choose the next in the sequence.


does it mean that we are all competing against each other? I thought it was only about whether the partner liked you :frowning:


Anyone attending the Fast Track assurance AC in Bristol this 22nd, Wednesday?


Hi postgrad thanks for the great info. Did they expect you to relate to PwC services in the group exercises ? Do we have to know much about PwC and its services for the exercises ? Cheers !