PwC Assessment Centre 2016


Hi people,
Which topic does the PwC these days ask to discuss in the group presentation. And what is the written reports topic related to? I will appreciate your reply:) God Bless




Crazy!!! it’s this Friday


Yes! Are you morning or afternoon session?


There was only one morning option in Newcastle when I was choosing the time slot. You can choose the afternoon session?


I can’t either at that time, but I’ve heard they probably will have afternoon session. Anyway we’ll meet on 20th then! Exiting~ Wish us the best luckkkk!


Yea, hope we can both nail it!


Anyone attend the AC in Birmingham on 26th October? We can keep in touch in advance.


Mine is on 9th Nov! Do you have anything to share about your experience? Thanks!


Thank you a lot for this!


Hi - does anyone know if the assessment centre involves an interview at all? Thanks!


Hello - I have mine in Birmingham on December 6th! How did yours go?


Any tips you could share from your AC experience please?


i do, Birmingham on the 4th, when is yours?


what stream is this for?


Assurance, what about yours?


good luck :). mines on 23 jan (management consulting)


yes 8th in London


I have my partner interview for grad technology data analytics in London coming up. If anyone could send me any tips/questions I would be forever grateful!