PwC Assessment Centre 2016


Is yours in Bristol by chance, if so i may be at the same one.


No, mine is in Birmingham


Ah ok, wasnt sure. I apologise about the upvote. I have talked to a friend who has accepted an offer there, he said it wasnt to hard as long as you ensure the report you write includes a balanced argument with an introduction outlining points and a conclusion.


Has anyone applied for a London Vacation Scheme and is currently preparing for the AC?


Hey everyone, I have my AC for PwC Legal coming up on Wednesday, has anyone else got theirs too? I was wondering if anyone has had an AC for the legal department before, and if so could you please give me some advice on what to expect!


Hey is this for the PwC Legal Vacation Scheme?


Is this for the legal vacation scheme? I have mine on Wednesday too in London


Jo Scott…

I have completed your questionnaire. I was wondering if you could shed some light on the written and group exercises for the PWC assessment centre?
What formulas / calculations do I need to know? e.g. payback, depreciation methods / investment appraisal etc
What did the written exercise ask for?
Do I need any background accounting knowledge to answer the written exercise?
Any other tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!!


The forums helped me a lot so I’ll give my view on the day: :slight_smile:

I took the Assessment Centre last week at a London office and here’s what happened:
I was told to attend the office at 9am, when I got there I was given a name badge and then went and sat down with all the others. We were all very friendly and got chatting to each other asking about where we’d all came from and what we were studying. Then we were all taken into a room and were asked to introduce ourselves, which we already did before, but just asked to say our name and where we had came from really.

Then we were given an ‘In-tray’ excise which was a booklet of 8 emails, each email about a page long. Then we were given a question paper along side that with I think 12 questions. The questions revolved around the emails, you had to imagine that you were an undergraduate who’d just started off at PWC and the emails were mainly addressed to you. The questions were like: “Which email would you reply to first?” and you had to circle on the answer sheet which email e.g Email 4. Other questions were like: “In email 5, would you respond by…” and the answers were like “Delete the email straight away. Forward the email to your manager. Reply yourself” etc. The last in-tray task is to write an email which is half a page, you only get 10 mins to do so. The email is to do with the previous emails and basically you are organising a conference but you are emailed to say you need to email a lady called Sara as your speaker has cancelled. This is where I messed up as i completely ran out of time. All the info you need is in EMAIL 1, I was reading the wrong email and had no answers as to when Sara would have to speak and about what as I was reading off of email 5. ALSO, something I did do is that you are given the for the email. All you have to do is write your name in the sender but where is says “To:” write her actual email address which is given to you in email 5, don’t just write her name.

After that task was completed we all left the room and had a 15 min break and then half of us were taken to do the group excise and the other half to do numerical reasoning and VERBAL reasoning. Now, even though on the email is says DIAGRAMMATICAL reasoning which i presumed was like logical you actually undertake the exact same ones as you did online, not the exact same questions but the 2 tests. They’re fairly easy and straight forward.

The group excise was on tea and coffee. You have a booklet which has a few emails from a company who sell coffee and they are emailing you as a PWC employee and want your recommendation on how they can expand their business whilst staying ethical and achieving their business values of helping local farmers. Alongside the info booklet you are given your own individual sheet which has a country on. My country was Japan and it had info on about what tea or coffee it was the country was growing and how profitable it was. You basically have to chose one country out of 6 and explain why its the best choice: each country has pros and cons. Not too sure when but nearish to the end you get an email handed to you on Climate Change which could impact your main recommendation as the tea or coffee plant’s growing conditions in your country are impacted by this but it’s pretty straight foward.

As soon as you start on your task start a stop watch and notify your group when you have 15 mins left of discussion again when you have 5 mins
LEARN THE NAMES BEFORE YOU GO IN!!! and refer to people, make it evident you know their names
Don’t worry you do not need accounting knowledge

You do not have to be a maths genius for this exercise, I haven’t done maths since GCSE and this was 15 year old level maths…

You need to calculate the budget. You are given figures like the gross profit e.g: £1000 and it will say the budget is…
5% of the gross profit (which would be £50), next year the gross profit will increase by 10% and 5.5% of that figure will be for the budget (so 1000x10%= 100, 100+1000= 1100x5.5%= £60.50) and the government give them a grant of £10,000. All you have to do is add all the figures up and voila, there’s your budget figure. In this case it would be 50+60.50+10,000= £10,110.50 Budget.
On your individual sheet at the bottom it has a little table saying: COST OF MATERIAL= (e.g £5000) and SALES REVENUE= (e.g £10,000), this shows a £5000 profit which is also good to comment on.


in AC. what tense should i use in the written report?


Did anyone do the AC in London last week and heard back?


Hi Kate. I had one last week Monday. Still haven’t heard back.


Congrats! Could u give some hints about how to practice and prepare for the written report? Since I still have a week left, what can I do for this part? Thanks in advance!!!


Hey did anyone here have their AC in London yesterday? If so have you heard back?


Hey everyone, is there anyone that has AC in St. Albans on the 25th May? if so, do you have any idea of what it might consist of? in the invitation email it says there will be 1. individual or group exercise 2. written communication exercise 3. Psychometric tests


Where can I practice the written exercise and the group exercise without any charge?


Hi, I have an assessment coming up, would really love to know how yours went


when is your AC? :smiley:


Hey, is there anyone that has AC in Newcastle on 20th Oct?


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