PwC Assessment Centre 2016


Hi everyone - can anyone tell me if the tests/exercises during assessment centre are the same across all grad job roles? I am applying for Digital Trust. Thanks !


Does anyone know how long it takes for pwc to get back to you after the AC.


Hi Christinanikletti,
I think I am in same situation as yours. I have pwc assessment centre coming. Could you let me know how was your assessment centre and give me better insight. I hope you passed the assessment
a) Is 6-7 page = min requirement and too wordy or not.
b) any general tips
Looking forward to hearing from you


Had an assessment centre and final interview for PwC last year. Happy to help anybody.

Message me any questions you have.


hi, I have the assessment centre coming up this week. wanted to ask a few questions about the cases that came up. did you get the water conservation case for the written exercise aswell?
thank you


Hi, did you have your AC already? How did it go? I have one in February


Hello sam.a…f.georgiou,
How was your AC? Did you pass? Could you please tell me more details about it? I have an AC in February


Do you which calculations are likely to come?


Do you have Skype so we could actually have a conversation about it?


Please would you guys be able to help me out by completing my dissertation questionnaire. It only takes 2/3 minutes. Would really appreciate your help. I have completed the PwC Assessment Centre and passed, so if you need any tips I would be happy to help.


I had taken part in the assessment centre Jan 2017 and thought I would advise you all throughout the day. Once you get there you will sit around and you should use this time to learn everyones name. Everyone there will be applying for different roles at different locations so do not worry about the competition. You start of with a written report, you are given two sides of A4 in 30 mins to complete. I advise you to start with an introduction outlining what the report will be on, the you will be given three options in which you should write about with the pros and cons in each paragraph and summarise with a conclusion/recommendation which is VITAL as you should advise on which option to take and why. The report was based on some music company and three options to expand the company. Then you will do your group exercise with around 5 other people where you are all given the same information and your own personal information piece in which you have 20 mins to evaluate the main info briefly but mainly your personal piece which will need to be contributed so look at that first, make sure you get your figures right. In my piece we had a budget to calculate which wasn’t hard and work your profit from your personal statement. Our project was based on tea,coffee and hot chocolate and our personal pieces were countries which supply a certain one of these 3 drinks. You then have 30 mins to discuss your options and come to a conclusion on which you wish to invest in. Key is to keep track of time and don’t speak too much but also don’t speak too LITTLE as you need to shine. Then you do your psychometric tests again which is numerical and the non-verbal one which is to do with whats going to be next in the sequence. Your day is then done, good luck :slight_smile:


when was your assessment centre


Hi all,
Could somebody kindly run through the type of calculations asked in the group exercise please?
I attended an AC for Pwc much time ago, and failed due to this - but I have forgotten the exact calculations asked (I remember something about payback). Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Around 3 weeks ago


No payback period is required. You are just asked to calculate your budget figure. It gives the %s for this.


Does anybody have any inclination as to what I am to expect in my Pwc AC next week, Im not entirely sure what the written exercise will involve, if anybody could help me that would be excellent!

Many thanks


Hey! I was wondering which group exercise scenarios and written report case study everyone has had??? Thanks :slight_smile:


If you were like me, with a tight deadline on the online tests, you should definitely try a website which helped me a bunch!

Hopefully you all will find it good too :slight_smile:


Hi Jo,

I’ve just informed that I passed the pwc assessment centre and I’m waiting for the arrangement of the partner interview. Could you give me some tips on the final interview, and how long did you wait for attending it?




I have the same assessment centre coming on Wednesday. Would you please help me by telling me how it was? Thank you very much.