PwC Assessment Centre 2016


Congrats. What service line did you apply for and how are you preparing for it?


guys… i had attended PwC AC in birmingham in July. Failed because didnt meet the benchmark for the group exercise. all im going to say is for the group exercise… water conservation… you need to spend time wisely and GET YOUR FIGURES RIGHT




Hello, hope good news come to you soon! Could you please tell me a bit about the group exercise? Is it still about water conservation…?


hiya. hope it all went well for you! PLEASE can you share your experience for the group exercise? the topic, figures-wise… etc? any in-depth info will be really handy!!


Hi Friend, I have an AC approaching. Just want to confirm with you, you only presented table for the pros and cons for each option? Is is good to outline them individually by use simple words? Many thanks!


Hi … i have an assesment centre with pwc next week … im really nervous about the report writing part … Could you tell me what sort of case was it for the report? And whats the water conservation case that is being talked about here?




Meeeee … super nervous!
Its the one you mentioned … sequence


hi, i was wondering if there was any advice you could give me on the assessment centre?
in particular im worried about the report, is there anything that could help me with this?
also i cant seem to find that much practice for the tests online, did you buy a book/pack and was it helpful?

tank you so much, i really appreciate it!


What are you applying for?


Assurance … did you hear anything from pwc?


Hey!! I got through, how about you? I’m Patryk by the way, not sure if we met on the day or not.


Hey! yeah we did meet … its areej … When did you get a call? I dint get any response which means i obviously dint get through sigggghhhh my numeric test got fucked up!


I got a call today but I didn’t pick up cause I was in school, but they sent me an email confirming I got to final interview at the same time.

Don’t worry mate, I think you’ll still get through. They probably just go down a list so being at the bottom doesn’t necessarily mean rejection.

What happened with the numerical test? I thought it was ok personally. I left 2 or 3 questions blank because I didn’t know the answer but it was not too bad. You weren’t in my group right? How did that go for you?


Hey there… i know it is 2 years later but could you please direct me how to practice for the written exercise?


Congratulations on passing to the last stage. I have my AC 18th. Could I please ask you about the report writing exercise? Is the material about 6-7pages. Was it a minimum requirement regarding the length of the report? Did you find the numerical and logic test the same difficulty level as the ones we had to do for the online application? Do you have any tips in general? I went to the open day in London where we practiced the group exercise with budgeting for certain projects to make a hotel “green”. I don’t know if anyone else did that day, but if so did you find the group exercise similar to that? Thank you in advance!


Does anyone know how to calculate the budget and payback period for the group exercise? Thanks


Can anyone share which calculations are needed for the Group Exercise? I have my AC on 28th PM :slight_smile:


Hey, I’ve got my PwC assessment day for assurance summer internship tomorrow.
I know it entails:
Logical test (40qs in 20 mins)
Numerical test (20qs in 20 mins)
Written exercise (30 mins)
Group exercise (30 mins)

But the email said that it should last about 4 hours!
Have I missed things out?
Has anyone done this assement day yet?
What sort of thing is on the written exercise/ how did you structure your answer?
Thank you