PwC Assessment Centre 2016


Hey, thanks, i thought so, but I wasn’t sure since the word they used was diagrammatic. I use jobtestprep, I bought an all access pack, because I need to practise a lot of tests for numerical and logical, they also have case studies and some guidance on group discussions. But you can get free practise tests in greenturn, jobtestprep, assesmentday , but it wasn’t enough for me because you only get one for free. Mine is in Newcastle too, but at 15th! where are you from if you dont mind me asking?


Thanks for your reply! My friend has her AC on the 15th in Newcastle! I’m from Newcsstle, how about you?


Hi which division did you apply to?


For the written task, so are the pro’s and con’s actually written within the report for each option? Or do you have to think of them yourself? Thanks!


Just found out I passed the AC I had in Newcastle! Just waiting for the partner interview but I’m really nervous because each interview is different. Anyone know how to prepare?


I attended this AC. Are you waiting for the partner interview?


HI. Congrats!!! What was the topic on the written exercise, if you do not mind me asking.


Hey there and congrats on passing the assessment centre! If you don’t mind me asking, did you domyour parnter interview? I have mine coming up at the Newcastle
Office next week and I was just wondering whether you’ve already done yours so you could shed some light on the questions! :confused: thanku in advance!!


It’s this Friday. i’m really nervous tho because I dont really know what to expect


I dont think I had a problem running out of space. This is because i made a layout of how much I wanted to write under each section. I’m sure if you do this you won’t have a problem


Will do! Thank you for all the prompt​ responses! Good luck with your interview!


Thanks! if youre really scared about time management try taking a watch and split how you complete the report. I prefered to write my pros/cons as I was reading but others read all the info first then started writing. There’s no wrong way of completing the essay besides not completing the essay.


Noted! I think I’ll start with writing an executive summary right away and then read the booklet to fill in all the pros and cons. I’m thinking maybe draw a table and list all the options and matching pros and cons. Is that a good format? I’m worried that may not seem formal enough…


Your best bet is to look at kokonut’s post dated 28th March. I structured mine like this. As for the table, i’m not really much of a fan of it. what you’ve got to consider is the space you’re allocated and I think a table will take up valuable space


Thanks for the advice. I’ve read his post. I saw he used a table and got 6 for structure and was inspired. But it surely can take up a lot of space. I think I’ll see then if it’s doable.


I am really worrying about the numerical reasoning test in my upcoming AC. I have been practising using assessment day but my results on there vary so I can’t really gauge how i am getting on! I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this for me, are the questions similar to the online ones (mostly ratio/%s) or do they involve some other types of questions which are more challenging? If anyone has used assessment day to revise, i would so appreciate you telling me which from the list the assessment day numerical reasoning questions are like as there are quite a few different types of numerical reasoning on there to revise from!



Does anyone have an assessment centre in Manchester on the 28th of April?


I do! I’ve got one for a summer internship.


Sorry I’m a bit confused.

Are there only numerical and logical tests on assessment day or there’s also a verbal test? I’m applying for graduate position and saw some had verbal test.

Thanks folks.


Hi I failed my AC but think some tips might help.

I passed my logical, numerical tests and case study. About the case study, it’s all about time management. Just put ‘introduction’, ‘pros and cons of each option’ and ‘conclusion’/‘recommendation’. Ideally, add some stats and calculated data.
The group task pulled me back and according to the HR, I didn’t make the right calculation. Although I was the time keeper, I wasn’t ‘creative’ enough --> This sounded weird, but I think I failed majorly because of the wrongly calculated data.