PwC Assessment Centre 2016


anyone go to leeds 3rd march?


topic will be about water conversion…don’t worry…if u have clear structure for written exercise plus include some numbers and write 2-3 sentences for each paragraph u will pass it even if u don’t discuss all 4 options…main thing is to have conclusion and recommendation part at the end…so if u don’t have time switch to it immediately and then if u have time u can discuss remaining options.


I’ve got an AC coming up and reading through this has been really helpful! Just wanted to ask a couple of questions to people that have been to an AC already…

  1. Are the tests marked negatively for wrong answers?

  2. How much time do you get for breaks in between? Also, I understand during lunch they give you the chance to ask questions. I’m feeling a bit worried about saying something silly or asking a dumb question. I tend to start going on when I get into a convo without knowing when to shut up. How informal is this?

  3. Do you have to present anything about yourself? Like a 5 minute intro. I’ve been to an assessment centre before where I had to talk about myself for 5 mins and wasn’t told to prepare anything so had to make it up on the spot. Pretty hard to keep talking about yourself for 5mins without repeating yourself so wanted to prepare something incase this comes up!

Thanks for your help guys!


Hi guys, I just had my PwC AC last week and just found out that I passed :slight_smile: this thread has been very helpful, so I am just going to share my feedback with you whilst it is fresh in my head.
Numerical/verbal reasoning tests: I only did 11/20 for the numerical and about 27-28/40 for the verbal and just passed these, so don’t worry too much if you do not have time to do the majority of them. It is accuracy, after all! I scored 3 out of 6 for both of these (they score you 1 to 6 and 3 is just a pass). Just do not get stuck on one question that you cannot do, move on to the next one to save time.
Group exercise: the negative comment about my performance was that I was addressing only one of the group members all the time, I should have been more inclusive. I was also quiet in general (but they said they thought it was because I was nervous) and did not speak too much but the comments that I did make were all valid and added to the conversation. The praised me for addressing everyone by the name (ver important!!).
Report: they praised me for having a clear introduction and conclusion. Other comments were that I should have added more facts and figures into my options, and I also should have written in full sentences and not bullet points (I have written in bullet points for KPMG though and passed and they did not say anything, so all employers’ requirements differ I guess).
That’s it from me, good luck everyone and hope that helps!!

  1. you get about 15-20 minutes between each exercise (that was in London AC), sometimes a bit longer. did not have lunch since it started at 1 pm
  2. yeah you do in the beginning of the AC but literally 30 secs about who you are, what you study, what uni you go to


Anyone got an AC tomorrow in Birmingham?


Congratulations! What position have you applied for? :slight_smile:


Hi everyone – so I found out last week that I passed the PwC Assurance graduate scheme AC and am currently waiting to be contacting regarding my final interview. Wikijobs helped me so much whilst preparing so I just wanted to share a couple of tips to repay the favour. Everything I read on here prior to my AC proved to be accurate on the day so don’t be afraid to trust what you read.

  1. Practice, practice, practice! Re-do the example tests until you are completely confident in your numerical or logical ability and can walk into the real test knowing that a) you can identify what each question is asking within seconds, and b) you’ll be able to use the quickest method to reach the correct answer. I used Assessment Day for my preparation and I found their tests to be very similar to the real ones.
  2. Accuracy vs speed. Regarding the numerical test, remember that it’s accuracy rather than speed which is most important – it’s better to take your time and answer 14/20 questions and get them all correct rather than rush and answer 20/20 and only get half correct. So use your time wisely to produce accurate answers. (A bit of context: I answered 15/20 in the numerical test). Again with logical, aim to answer 28/40 correct and you’ll be fine (I answered 38/40 but I’ve always found logical to be relatively easy).
  3. Strict time management will help you pass the written task. In this task, speed is of the essence. The 30 minute time limit goes by unbelievably quickly in the room so it’s really important that you manage your time well. I used the following guidelines: 10 minutes reading, 1 minute planning, 18 minutes writing and 1 minute proof-reading (I’m not saying that this is right, this is just what I aimed for). Please remember that is it imperative that you give yourself enough time to finish your report – without a conclusion and some recommendations, you won’t pass.
  4. Group task tips: Be aware of the fact that with about 20 minutes to go, something about your task will change (eg: an investor will drop out or your budget will be cut). Be prepared for this and be the first one to react (it was noted in my feedback that I was the first person to calculate the new budget after it had been cut). Talking too much or too little will result in failure. If you have some time left at the end (as my team did) don’t worry – use that time to go over the criteria set by the client to make sure that you’ve matched it.
    I hope this helps, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have in advance of your AC – I’m more than happy to answer. And good luck!


Hiii! Congratulations! And can I ask about the written tasks, how many pages you got to read? I thought it is an hour to do but it seems only 30 min. So worried about it.


Hi is anyone attending the AC in Newcastle on 17th March ?:slight_smile:


Hook~ Anyone attending AC in Glasgow 12th April?


I have an assessment for the sustainability and climate change internship- are the ac the same for all departments


Its 16 pages :slight_smile: so just do an introduction find the 4 methods put one pro and one con for each method along with a numerical figure then conclude. You only have 2 pages to write it all in.


Thank you so much!!!


Heyy!! Do we have to make a table and show our preparation or just start writing straight away?
Option 1: Pros and Cons
Options 2: etc etc
?? :confused:


Exactly as ljon245 said. Also, be very careful with how much you write - two pages really isn’t a lot, I nearly ran out of room to write my conclusion and recommendations. Good luck!


No, I didn’t write a table. I made notes while I was writing but some people just launched straight into writing their report (I personally like to plan before I write). Yeah that’s the structure I used. Good luck!


Anyone is in assessment centre newcastle march 15?


Hey guys just a quick question. Are the logical tests are the ones you have to tell the next one in the sequence as in the online test? Because it says diagrammatic in the email, and in the jobtestprep they are quite different from regular inductive reasoning. Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:


I think they should be exactly the same as the online tests! How have you prepared for your AC day if you don’t mind me asking? Mines on the 17th in Newcastle!