PwC Assessment Centre 2016


amazing sharing! Thank you !!!


Hey may I know how long it took for them to contact u with the outcome? Thank you


Hi! Regarding the group exercise at the AC, I’m worrying over the calculations! We have to calculate payback or payback period? and how do we calculate these? Any other calculations? Thanks!!!


Hi everyone,

This website and people’s feedback from interviews helped me a lot in my preparation, so I thought to share my experience with the telephone interview. The interviewer was a HR person hired by PwC for this specific occasion, to do telephone interviews. She told be the interview will last 20 min rather than 40 min, so I shouldn’t worry if she’ll interrupt me during my answers, which she did, for every question she asked, just to get quick answers and get to the point. For example what did you exactly do in that situation and how did it make you feel? The questions were the same as everyone here described, but just in case you want to save time in searching for them, here they are: Describe a time when you established a relationship with people outside your usual network, sought different perspectives – meaning someone else’s perspective, worked with little guidance, had to complete different projects to meet a deadline, a technical problem you handled, actively sought feedback, what you think the role of a graduate at PwC is, business you followed in the news, or what raised your interest in the recent news and how could PwC help, raised a concern with a peer. I did enjoy the interview but her constant interrupting was a bit nerve racking, thought I didn’t do very well. However, I’m happy to say I passed and received an invitation to AC. Hope this helps and good luck to everyone with their application.


Hi guys, I have my assessment centre in Jan for the management consulting graduate program. Ive read the entire chain but am still confused about the kind of information we are given in the written exercise and the group exercise. Are any of these like a case study? How should I prepare for it beforehand? I am not particularly good at reading quickly and summing up from lots the information. I had this for my accenture interview and couldn’t pass it. So any help would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance


Thank you so much for sharing! will have the first AC in my life == so nervious


Dear, think you are a Chinese~~~ so am I~~~I am going to have an AC and want to know can you please share me some experience? My Wechat is 693262682…At least we can make a friend!



Hi guys, I just went through an assessment centre (Feb '16 UK office, experienced hire, consultant level) and passed with the highest score, so I thought I should pass on some tips. For me there were two parts, a group exercise (20 mins prep, 40 mins discussion) and a written case study (1 hour).

                          The Group exercise:

There were six of us, we each had the same booklet on a pitch for which country should hold an eco conference, and each of us was assigned a country with unique information on our country. The task was to spend 20 minutes reading through all the information and preparing a case for our country, and then 40 minutes discussing between us which country was best (with the brief to try to push your country). After 20 minutes of discussion, we all received an email which removed the main benefit of our country, making everyone need to slightly adapt their case.
1. During the preparation, try to group your points as much as possible, so that when you feed back to the group, you’re not just listing information, you’re making a clear conclusion for each piece of information you share (e.g. This country would bring in the most money, which would be highly attractive to investors).
2. You will not be able to share everything, so choose your top two or three points and focus on the case from them.
3. Actively give the quiet people a voice (e.g. “what did your country score for this one?”), a lot of people thought the point of the exercise was to talk the most, however you’re scored on whether you bring others into the conversation and consider their points. If you’re concise, you won’t need to do much talking other than asking other people questions.
4. Summarise. To keep myself in an active position, I would often summarise a person’s points, especially if they were struggling to come to a conclusion or communicate clearly. (e.g. “so what you’re saying is that country 4 is the best because of it’s strong economy”).
5. Time keep. Someone once told me, you can pass any assessment centre if you’re the time keeper. Tell people when you’re half way through, tell people when you have 10 minutes left, and especially when you only have 5 minutes left.

                                                                Case Study:

I was given a story about which company I would recommend should be the sponsor of a festival. I was asked to summarise the case for each, and give a recommendation including risks and mitigations on two sides of a lined A4 page.
1. Make notes. In the first 20 minutes, I summarised the pros and cons for each on draft paper,
2. Plan the structure. I planned the full structure of my essay on draft paper, including writing each subheading, and planning the number of lines I could fit under each.
3. Give yourself half an hour to write it up (paper takes a lot longer than typing!).
4. Be very concise and selective. I used subheadings, and listed the one major pro and con for each of the 4 options (only 1 line each), then gave my recommendation and added more detail on why. I then wrote the risks and mitigations (again very brief due to space, only one or two). And finished with a conclusion. I was worried my essay would be too brief as I left loads of information out, but I got full marks in the end. Many of the others didn’t finish in time, or ran out of space.

                         So overall, be friendly and open, and try to chat to people when they first arrive so you get comfortable with each other. Otherwise keep a close eye on time and stay concise!

I hope this helps people who would love to be able to break into the consulting world but aren’t sure how.


Anyone have ac in Birmingham on 24th February? I want to know who will I meet there haha :)!


Hi Guys, Just had my assessment centre with PwC, I had a good experience although i found the day a bit challenging as it was my first time at an assessment centre. There is nothing else I can advise that has not already been said below.
Day consists of; written individual exercise, group exercise, and numerical and logical tests.
Time constraints are key in all the tasks so work quickly and make sure you structure with an intro, headings, and conclusion in your individual report.
In the group exercise, my advice would to be maintain eye contact, use peoples names, be friendly and take on board others views. Do not force your option, they are looking for people who can communicate well and listen to others.
When reading through texts in individual and group exercises, make sure you scan and pick out the key info, there is alooot of stuff to read and i never read all of it, some of it isn’t even useful, you need to be quick in scanning and reading properly the useful stuff and then using that info.
Also take a watch, all exercises and tests are timed, mostly in silence so you cannot ask when did we start, you need to look at the clock or your watch yourself at the beginning and plan your strategy appropriately.
I have not heard back yet so i do not know how well i did but i hope this helps people prepare. Good luck to you all!


Hey! Thank you for this, it will really help. Just a quick question, the tests you have to do during the assessment centre - are the diagrammatic reasonings tests the same as the online ones? Or are they the ‘what replaces the question mark’ kind of questions?

Thank you in advance!


They are the same as the online ones, there are a few practice ones that you all do beforehand to check everybody understands.


Good luck! I have my AC this Thursday and I’m really worried about the group exercise. Is the topic hard and did you find it easy to come up with unique ideas instead of repeating what others had said? Thank you, your post was really helpful.


Hi, The topic I had was not difficult, and I did not need to know anything technical. For ours we were all given the same texts based on a company wanting to be more sustainable and there was some sort of government grant available for companies being more sustainable. We each also were given a separate sheet which had a way in which the company could be more sustainable. Each person gets a different option on their sheet.
I feel like the hardest bit for me was reading through the information and noting down they key parts for discussion, as there is quite a bit to read and not all of it is useful. You only get 20 mins to prepare and read so be concise. Most important thing is you know the info for your option so maybe pay particular attention to your separate sheet, but also look for info and other topical things in the texts.
Then as a group you have 30 mins to discuss your options. I don’t believe that the option you come to as a group matters, what matters is the way in which you interact with others. So keep eye contact, use peoples names, dont keep your head down scribbling notes whilst others are talking I would say. Also take on board what others are saying and offer problems and solutions, they want to see you can work as a team and select the option you as a group believe to be best. You are marked individually so there is no competition, if anyone is too controlling more likely it will harm their chances than hinder yours.
My group were nice, we all took turns to explain our option, the pros and cons of each and how much it would cost etc. No one came up with anything majorly unique or special, we were just going through how popular it may be with local people and the government etc, so that is just general knowledge, nothing technical or business specific. You shouldn’t end up repeating because you have a different option to the others so you can explain the pros and cons of yours and maybe even come up with something you have thought of that is not on the sheet that you think will be applicable.
Keep an eye on time maybe if you’re group has not noticed you are running out of it.
So yh try not to worry, all you can do it give it your best shot. All the best!


I just did 11 questions in the numerical test in ac. Is it possible for me to pass


It is mostly about accuracy but I have heard that the threshold is 60% right questions which will make 12 questions out of 20.


Hi!how did you find the numerical question? The one I worried lot… Is that more difficult than the one online? All the best


Hi Sophie, did you hear anything from AC yet? If you do then can you please comment here (with the outcome if possible) I am preparing for an AC too on 29th and numercal is what I am stressing about. Your comment will be a great help. Thank and good luck.


Hi Dips24, Hope you got a positive response in the end!! Do you mind sharing the topic for the Written Exercise? I have my AC for Assurance London at the beginning of April. It will be my first time at an AC so I am a bit worried. All the best, Alexandra :slight_smile: