PwC Assessment Centre 2015

I’ve got an assessment centre with PwC coming up. Does anyone have any uselful tips on the business report section, ie layout (whether to put your recomendations first or last?) Thanks in advance!!

Hi, I passed the AC a couple of weeks ago now…

For the written report I structured it with subheadings as
Introduction - briefly explain the situation

Then there are 4 options to review so give each their own subheading and review their pros and cons. (I only managed 3 in the time and space provided but still passed).

Conclusion and recommendations - this is essential, even if you have only reviewed 3 of the 4 and time is running out move on to this. Basically just state which of the options (or which combination) you would recommend and back this up with the pros you wrote about earlier.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!

Hi, do you mind share your experience in group discussion? as I found this is the most difficult part to prepare, how did you perform in the group discussion to pass it? did you take the lead role?
Thanks in advance!