PWC Assessment Centre 2015 - Undergraduate



I have an AC coming up for PWC Undergrad Assurance -2015 entry. What can i expect? Please, if you have already done a PWC AC what advise can you give for the AC tests we have to sit. Are they SHL based? Is ‘Diagrammatic reasoning’ just the same as logical reasoning? Please feel free to share your experiences here, for other students as well. Thanks


Also is the website Assessment day sufficient practice to do well on PWC AC???


Hi, Do you know the structure for the AC when applying for graduate assurance. ? I understand that there is a written exercise, numerical, logical and group exercise. There seems to be some conflicting evidence as to whether there is e-tray assessment. I will be grateful for any advice. Thank you !!!


Hi, here’s what I found from a post elsewhere:

The assessment center consisted of a written exercise in 30 mins, which is quite tight obviously and a group exercise regarding a specific project. You would be allocated some general information as well as a page of specific information that you would share with others later on. It took around one hour to read through all the information and discuss with the other member in your team (6 in total).…