PwC Assessment centre 2012


Any helps or tips?
Has the format changed at all?
What is the group discussion about?



anyone done the PwC AC recently? topics?

i have mine soon and will post the stuff i come across but wondering if anyone has had their AC already


I got told I had got through to the AC last week but still haven’t been given a date for it.
Did this happen to you?


they took just over a week before they rang me to book a date.

there’s no harm in sending them an email or ringing them to see where you stand


if you got your interview feedback, you should now be able to book your own date for the AC. I got a call three days after my initial interview, they offered to book it straight away, but I asked to actually sign up for it myself. I can now see all dates on my pwc account.


Hi, how did you find your telephone interviews? i would really appreciate any pointers anyone could give - I have mine later in the week
good luck in your assessment centres :slight_smile:


@got2b hi i passed my telephone interview but found out by email, when they called you did they provide u wih feedback regarding ur interview? i heard somewher they do if you pass, but i havent received any atm


I got phone call about 6 hours after phone interview saying I had passed and giving feedback. I was able to book AC about an hour after that.


citychick, yes they did. The lady from HR called and literally straight away explained that I passed and gave some feedback. There was not much of it and she mentioned no pointers for development, and said I could sign up for the A/C.


Hi does anyone have an email contact to check the progress of online applications,thanks!!



You can try


Is anyone going to the Leeds AC on December 19th or staying overnight?



I just had my assessment centre morning for a graduate position in management consultancy. Here is the structure of the day and what to expect.

I was with a group of about ten people. The morning starts with some introductions.

The first exercise is a written assessment. You have about 45 minutes to read through a pack of info outlining options for businesses to improve their environmental impact, and to write a side or two of A4 as a report on the options and giving your own recommendations. As long as you are careful with your time, and nice and clear in your report, it’s not a problem at all. Just stick to titled bullet points, and back up your statements with figures from the info pack. My hand hurt a little at the end though!

Next, our group was split into two: one half went to do the group exercise, and the other half sits two timed tests. I did the tests first. Each test lasts 20 minutes. There is a numerical test of 20 questions, and a diagrammatic test of 40. You are not expected to answer every question, and you are quite pushed for time. They look rather for consistency in your answers. Just try not to panic, and if you struggle with a question, move on. We all managed to answer about 15 of the 20.

The two groups then switch over, so we went to the group exercise. You are working for a fictional client who wishes to improve their environmental positioning. You are each given a pack of info on the client, and each given a unique option for consideration. After 20 minutes reading time, you have about half an hour to discuss your options, and reach a conclusion of an option to present to the client. It is actually quite enjoyable, so just relax. They look for: eye contact, using first names, focusing on the figures, speaking clearly, encouraging others to talk and listening to them, and keeping the discussion on track.

Overall, you are there for about 4 hours, but it does go by quite quickly. Make an effort to speak with the supervisors and make an impression. You get a chance to speak with recent graduate consultants as well, so have a few questions up your sleeve.

I got a call the next morning with feedback on each stage, which was really useful.

Hope this helps someone, and good luck!


hi tayldh, did you find the two test easier than the online one you did? are they all SHL style questions?

thank you for your help!


Hi, when did you have you assessment center and where? When did you hear from them?
I had mine on December 28 in London and I have not received the outcome yet… I called them a couple of times and they always say they needed more time to process the information due to the holiday period. However, I am getting worried because of this delay.
Any information will be helpful.



they are all SHL style questions, yeah. You are given some data / graphs / pie charts / etc, and asked to calculate a figure from them. they weren’t any easier or harder than the tests online from what I remember. There isn’t much you can do in preparation really. Just make sure you are familiar with percentages - how to calculate percentage changes, especially. There isn’t a lot to be concerned about, since everyone is in the same boat and they don’t expect you to answer every question. glad to help out!

@ nez776

I was in the london AC on the 28th December! my assessment was in the morning. they called me the next morning to let me know the result. I think they are having some difficulties with the volume of applications or something, as my application has been experiencing difficulties, complications, rescheduling, etc. its pretty annoying to be honest. i wouldn’t worry about it though, they won’t just leave you hanging I would have thought…
best of luck!


Hi Tayldh, thank you for your reply!
With the group exercise, I read in another post that there are some basic calculation you have to do? Just wondering if you had to do some calculation for your group one?and if so what sort of calculation are they?



no problem, glad to help!
yeah, there’s a tiny bit of maths in the group exercise, but its nothing to worry about.

the client you are working for has a budget, that is a percentage of their profit over the next … number of years (I don’t remember the details). so all you need to do is add up how much profit they will have, and calculate a percentage of that amount. really nothing hard at all. again, just make sure you know your percentage maths!


Hi all,

Has any of you had to wait more than two weeks to be notified of the outcome of their AC…?



Does anyone know how long it takes to be made aware of the AC result on average? Or minimum/maximum?