PwC Assessment Centre 2011- 1st Ever!!! Lost-Any guidance?


Hello everyone.

I am a novice forum user and would very much appreciate any info on this matter.

I have just been invited to AC which is due next week. I was wondering if anyone, who has applied for 2011 intake, had an AC of late?
I have been asked to be prepared for an interview, group exercise, written exercise and some tests.

I would be really grateful if anyone could provide some insight into this.

Much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Ps: If anyone needs any advice on pre-AC, don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:


I think the search function would be a better use of your time tan waiting for replies.


@BrachioZ - Did that initially and found a lot about the Assessment Centre which took place in 2008 and 2009. I am having an AC for 2011 intake and am in need for some latest info. Well I guess I’ll keep on searching and keep my fingers crossed for some helpful replies.


Hi Vn1 - I am also applying for the 2011 intake for Assurance and have been struggling to find out information on the latest interviews and AC prep, unfortunately I haven’t made it to AC stage yet but I have been invited to a telephone interview. I would really appreciate if you could give me an insight of what questions you were asked and what I should specifically prepare for. Good luck on your AC, hope you find some info on it soon!


Hello Vin1, I’m also having an AC next week in London for 2011 Audit. Have you called them for 1st interview feedback?


@Deeps1 ~ Hey! Congratulations for making it to the interview stage. I had done some fair bit of research on my first interview and the only advice I could give is be yourself. I found out that the questions vary from interview to interview. So the best thing to do is write down all the competencies and try to fit all your examples into. The usual questions are why PwC? Recent business news? How can you help them? Why your chosen line? What do you know about the qualification you will undertake? Teamwork experience? Feedback provided or/and received? to name a few. Go to the PwC website and download Competency Brochure. It has plenty of formal questions. Good luck. Hope that helps.

@rainbow22~ Hey rainbow22! I didn’t get any feedback as such but I do remember they called me to inform that I had been successful in the interview and that there’s nothing they would like to add. The lady mentioned that the interviewer was quite happy with my responses. Nevertheless, I will still give them a call tomorrow and inquire about the feedback and some insight on the AC. Good luck to you.


Hi Vin1, I have also been invited to an AC in Glasgow on 18th. Have you had your AC yet? I was told the written exercise is in the form of a business report and should look online to understand the correct format and tone of a report but have been unable to find any can you help?


Guys, have anyone got invited to AC for financial advisor in London? I hve been told it will be in February?!


Hi Vin1,
Hw did your AC go? I hope you got in. I have one comin in 2 weeks and would be very grateful if you could help me on tht, apparently this is also m first ever AC


HI guys,

Has anyone here done PWC assessment center recently? If so what should i expect?

are the tests hard? is there logical as well as numerical reasoning??/



jonny, I had my AC last week, numerical test is harder than online because online you get 4 questions on same graph in a row but in the book it is a new graph each question which is repeated later on so you don’t get used to the graph, might be worth doing every 4th question together?
20 questions in 20 minutes.
In my tests the person had a stopwatch and although there was a clock on the wall she just started at 6 mins past or whatever so was hard to keep track of time so make sure you check your watch.
The logical was just the same as online, 40 questions in 20 minutes, found it fine and had enough time to check a few answers at the end!


thanks a lot very helpful!

have you heard back from them yet??

what did you have to do during the day? would you mind sharing some info on what the day was like and what I should expect? first AC you see!


Hi linzimal,

Can you tell me how the partner interview was and do we get enough time for written exercise? How long was urs? Thanks a lot for the info above though

@Jonnycoates- whens ur AC? and what line are you joining?? I have mine on 3rd of Dec so nerveracking!


It was my first aswell and I have got an offer! Where is your AC and what position is it for? Mine was 12-5, had coffee with 2 second year trainees until the two tests. After logical we were given a booklet with information on a confectionary company and their 3 possible partners and had to write a 30 min report on which partner they should choose. Then we were given another booklet with information on a hotel, had 20 mins to read the info. There were 6 of us and each had a unique piece of information aswell. 30 minute group discussion on what the hotel should prioritise for the next 6 months to achieve a new contract. After this I had my partner interview but the other 5 left as they had it another day, he was really nice and it was just a chat, in depth on my application form and part-time job and thankfully no comercial awareness! It was an intense day but I actually enjoyed it, I think just relax and treat the group discussion as a chat no need to notice there are other people taking notes. I was just myself in the interview and told him i was a bit shocked from the day and how much had been covered, it was just very fast paced!
I have not had my offer pack or feedpack report through so can’t tell you which areas I did best in but just general things about the day.


I felt I had enough time for the report but didn’t really have a clue what to include, I wrote just under 2 A4 pages which is the maximum you are alllowed. The 30 mins does include reading time aswell and I made some rough notes as I went through the booklet hopefully the post above will help.
The partner interview lasted 45 mins although it didn’t feel it because it was generally a nice chat about my interests.


@Linzimal- thank you very much for the above information again…And congratulations!! Im sure you scored really well! I hope mine will be ok too just very nervous. I think m going to struggle on the group exercise I dont really und how to use the unique piece of information…i know everyones been tellin that it will go with the flow but i have abs no idea hw they assess if u have used the information or not?


we all just went round and said ours at the start of the time and that worked well, the information was the price of something like one was a set of quad bikes and how they would improve the hotel service so you have to decide what to buy with your budget!
Good luck!


linzimal was there an intray exercise??

so you did:
group excercise
written report
partner interview

is that everything??

Cheers. really worries about these logical reasoning, not very good at them!


No Intray! Yup that is all I did. Just search online for some practice ones.