PwC April 2014 Intake - Reading office



Hey everyone,

Okigen on wikijob and I have both got an offer for PwC April 2014 Intake in Reading office and we have been trying to look for houses to live together.

The problem is renting the whole property means we have to pay the bills ourselves and that just adds to the rent fees and exceeds our budget. But if we have 3 or 4 people rent a house together, it’ll be much cheaper and we can afford to live in a nice spacious house that’s not far away from PwC.

So if you’ve also got an offer for the same intake in Reading and you are interested in buddying up with us, feel free to drop me a private message here.




Hi guys,

Like Kelly said we are still looking for people from the same intake. Please drop a message for us here if you’re interested. Cheers :slight_smile:


Sorry that I can’t help with this but I’m wondering if you could help me - I’m preparing for an interview and trying to find out specific information about the PwC Reading office. For example, which sectors do they focus on and which service lines do they offer? Do you know where I can find this information?
Would really appreciate your help.
Thank you so much.



I think all Pwc offices have 4 main service lines which are listed on their website: audit, tax, deals, consulting.

I didnt know what Reading specialised in either.


Okay, great, thank you very much.


Hey guys, congratulations on getting the places! i know it takes a lot of hard work, so you’ve done great!

I’ve got an Assessment Centre coming up for Assurance placement year. I’ve done a lot of research in to what kind of things to expect, but just wondering if you could provide more clarity:

  • Psychometric testing: which ones did you have to do (numerical, verbal or abstract)?
  • Written exercise: was it a 10+ page doc and you had to summarise (pros/cons+recommendation? if so, is there anything else the exercise may be (in-tray perhaps)?
  • Group task: were you given solution each, and you have to discuss which one is the best? did persuade others yours is the best, or be happy to admit that it isn’t?

And generally, it would be great to know what things you did differently (you obviously did something right!), the way you behaved/interacted/prepared etc? if you could speak to yourself before applying, what would you have done differently?

It would be great if you could provide me with some help here, my Assessment Centre is on 18/06/14. And hopefully, I’ll be able to help you with the accommodation problem if I get the job!

  • Umar


Thanks a lot for your offer. I am rading about PWC on their website I will PM you if there is something related to my field of study.


Hello Kelly,

Please I have an assessment and partner interview for Reading office.

I have been searching for business issues related to Reading and i have not been able to find any.

Please could you assist me with some information.

Thank you