PwC April 2011 Start date


Hi guys,

First of all, congratulations to grads who have landed a role with PwC. I was lucky enough to get an offer from the London Embankment office for an April 2011 start.

I was wondering if anyone has been provided with a start date following returning the offer letter and the pre-employment screening form. If not, does anybody have an idea of when we will be provided with this?

I ask because I am currently scheduled to partake in a charity venture abroad from late March next year. If this clashes with the start dates I would like to inform the organisers sooner rather than later as I have a few friends who would be interested in taking up the opportunity, if I failed to go.



Anyone April start here?


Hi, I am an April starter. I sent back all the forms, but haven’t been told yet of a start date. Maybe give them a call and see if they can help you


Thanks Stevie,

Yes I will go about doing that.
I just wern’t sure if I was in the same boat as others.
Looks like I can bring my trip forward next year, so I should be fine.



Hi I am also an April starter, I haven’t filled in the forms just yet though but I will be doing it this weekend. Very excited, what service line are you entering?



Very excited too!!

Joining the assurance team.

How about you, you in London too.


I’m joiing assurance in Leeds. So same job role.


Hi guys. I’m also starting in April 2011 (London, assurance).

I emailed them to ask about start dates a while back, and the response was that these were yet to be determined; however in previous years it has been some time in the first few weeks of the month. Letters confirming the date will be sent out to us 6 weeks in advance of starting.

Leeds grad: looks like we’ll be in the same intake. What business stream (within assurance) are you hoping to work within? I’m guessing you’ve submitted your first, second, and third choice for that? How long is your charity project? If I were you, I would bring your trip forward; that way you’ll definitely be free not just to start the job, but to make the pre joining events likely to be around that time…?

Look forward to hearing from you


Anenglishmanasia - When have you completed your first second and third choice within the business stream?

So far I have only received my offer and need to complete my offer form and return it, have you got past this stage?



Yes I received a further email about business stream options, having returned my offer form/completed contract of employment. So don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten you.

Word of advice though - if you are definitely going to accept the offer do it sooner rather than later, as the business stream appointments work on a first come first served basis on two counts: (i) date of offer acceptance and (ii) date of submitting business stream preferences (which you can only get having accepted the offer)

Hope this helps


Thanks for your help I intend to complete my offer form this weekend. By choice do you mean Market sectors or like audit/pension/public sector?


No worries. Yeah I meant market sectors.

For me, the choices were between
(1) Insurance and investment management
(2) Banking and Markets
(3) London Top Tier
(4) London Mid Tier

Obviously for Leeds this will be different - perhaps the more traditional TICE, CIPS etc etc…


I applied for Assurance and Risk Assurance and will be working in London! How long after sending off all the forms do you get the sector form?


Hi anenglish…,

Excuse my late reply as I have had restricted internet access.

Yes I put London top tier as my first choice and banking & capital markets as my second. How about you?

I have been able to push it forward, so will now be leaving in Feb and back in March.

The thought of sitting 9 exams in the period April to December is really daunting.



Hi Guys, as you are all lucky enough to have landed some roles was just wondering if you could shed some light on the process of the assessment center. did you do a logical reasoning test as well as numeracy?

any advice would be very helpful


I sent my forms off a few weeks ago and haven’t received the form to select the business stream. How long after you sent of the forms did you receive this? thanks


Leeds grad - my choices were actually in the order I described in a post above. The scope for international travel appeals, hence my first choice. Jeez…9 exams in that time?! Is that really right?! I know pwc have a reputation for fasttracking the aca but didn’t know it was this extreme!

Stevie - sorry for not getting back sooner. I actually secured my position back in march, so it is likely to be irrelevant when I received the email about options; nevertheless I received it late September/early October.

Johny - yes, there was a logical (shape sequences etc) as well as a numerical (graphs, tables etc) test at the assessment centre.


Hi all can somebody please advise me if now I have accepted my offer whether I now have to register with the ICAEW, or will they get in touch with me about that?



Hi all can somebody please advise me if now I have accepted my offer whether I now have to register with the ICAEW, or will they get in touch with me about that?




On the embark site, it states that you need to register with the ICAEW as soon as your start date is confirmed. So, you do need it register yourself, but not yet.