PWC Application


Hey, guys!! I am filling in the PWC online application form these days and the open questions seems quite troublesome, which really requires dedicate treatments.

1)Please describe two different learning experiences that have been significant to you in terms of your skills development. The following information should be included: Details of the experience, challenges faced, overall outcome and lessons learnt.Your samples should include new material which has not been used in the previous section of this application.

I am wondering what kind of skills development they would like to see? Coz I was thinking to put my summer job in restaurant in, which might be quite irrelevant to accounting works. And it mentions the “new material”, does it mean that i cannot describe the experience such as working experience which has already appeared in “Employment History” section?

2)Striving for excellence through working as part of successful teams is key to our work. Please describe a group activity that you have been involved in where you have contributed to the team’s success.

I heard most Big 4 companies actually do not like leadership, what they prefer is the cooperation with teamates. Is it true?

3)Please provide us with your understanding of the services offered by the firm and in particular, the work undertaken in your chosen line of service.

PwC is passionate about providing our clients with exceptional services that contribute to their business success.
From a business perspective, if you were to join PwC, which organisation would be your ideal client and what services do you think PwC would be providing to enhance the organisation’s continued business success? Please note the organisation does not have to be a current client of PwC.

This question is really difficult to me coz it is really a huge work to know every aspects of PWC’s service…

Hope someone can give me some advice, coz i am really confusing now and worried that I might screw up this application with wretched answers. Thanks very much!!


I filled this form myself a while ago and got through though I can’t remember exactly what I had wrote.

  1. I’m not sure if you can mention your work experience but I probably wouldn’t just in case. The skills development they want to see are probably the skills they value in an employee which will be on their website somewhere. A little hint for you is that during both my interviews with PWC, one thing both interviewers valued quite highly was being able to welcome critcism and wanting to improve yourself.

  2. I heard something similar about the leadership thing. However leadership was a core competency tested in my KPMG assessment process so I’m not sure whether it’s true. However I was told by one CA that during the training years you’re not expected to lead much anyway and there is plenty of time later on to develop leadership skills. I doubt they’d mark you down for being a good leader though; perhaps they just value a good team player more but they’re not mutually exclusive.

  3. They’re not asking or expecting you to know every aspect of the services they offer. Just give the website a good read as this will do you good in the future as well. Try to mention the services that could be provided by the PWC’s assurance services in particular. I’m not sure if they’ve changed but last time they offered positions in assurance rather than audit?

Regarding which company you’d like to work for. Well I got questions in my partner interview about this; I suggest to pick a company you’re genuinely interested in as it’ll be easier if you get to the partner interview.


Thanks, Terry1986!! Very insightful opinions! I think i get a rough idea of what to write now. But one last questions about the 3rd one. Yes, we pick a company, say we suggest PWC to offer them assurance service, do we need to analyze the company and explain why PWC is suitable for them? Coz we might be interested in company A or company B, but we won’t be quite familiar with its internal situations,right? Or in this question, we don’t need to make it so complex, we just pick a company, and describe what kind of service we wanna provide to them?

Anyway, thanks so much again for your detailed explanations! BTW, i am applying for the Hong kong office, i think them provide assurance, audit and tax positions this year.


Just an aside about leadership- leadership was a core [[competency]] at most of the firms I interviewed at, but in a career meeting towards the end of my employment as an auditor (which involved a personality test), they found my leadership qualities were veyr strong, which clashed strongly with the statistical average of the department, and apparently this is why I didn’t fit in well there.