PWC Application Question


Hi all,

I am currently completing the application question:

“Imagine you are working at PwC. If you could choose an ideal client to advise, who would it be? Your ideal client does not have to be a current client of PwC.
In answering this question please provide us with answers to the following:
• Who is your ideal client and what services do they provide?
• What services and advice could PwC offer this client?”
• What commercial/industry issues are affecting this client in the business market that should be taken into account when a providing them with advice?”

I am contemplating on whether or not to discuss Tesco in my answer, I already have some knowldge of their services and other business activities and there is quite a lot of information available about them and the issues within the industry in which they operate.

The question says that the ideal client does not have to be a current client of PwC, I understand that PwC do carry out the independent audit for Tesco. Is it better to talk about a client who is not currently involved with PwC, or would an existing client suffice?

Your thoughts would be much appreciated.


It has been said, on WikiJobs and other forums, that picking an existing PwC’s client will require much more knowledge of this client than if you pick one who PwC does not provide services to. Thinking ahead, you might get interviewed by a partner who oversees work with that particular client (eg.Tesco), and the partner will have much more knowledge about the company than you do, and might ask some in-depth questions for which very extensive research is required, and you obviously can’t guess or make anything up as he/she will notice it straight away. On the other hand, picking a company which PwC does not audit puts you in a better position, as your interviewer is unlikely to spend any of their time researching that company and scrutinizing the quality of your research on it to the tiniest details.
I am doing that question myself at the moment, and to be honest the two answers I have written so far are pretty much useless. I only hope that the “we encourage you to complete the question within 5 days” is only that - encouragement, not a deadline. Something I am concerned about is whether the ideal client has to be a huge company/corporation, ie I would not pick a local grocery store as my ideal client, but can I do a sort of small-to-medium sized company with a Net Worth of around £300k?
Can anyone help me with this question by sending their answer via PM? I would much benefit from a sneak peak on the structure of the whole answer as well as the style… so far, mine is quite literally : As X is facing Y issue, PwC could help them by providing services Z. The growing industry standards result in increasing costs (…), and X could benefit from PwC’s expertise on how to better manage their cash and budgets.
I’ve never been good at writing =(