PwC Application Question



Im having a problem answering one of PwC application questions. It’s this one:
From a business perspective, if you were to join PwC, which organisation would be your ideal client and what services do you think PwC would be providing to enhance the organisation’s continued business success (maximum 150 words)? Please note the organisation does not have to be a current client of PwC.

My question is, what EXACTLY are they looking for? I was giong to put Morrisons since they took over Safeway and increased the number of stores in a short space of time. Plus I was working there during the takeover.
Also exactly what kind of things am I meant to know in terms of commercial awareness. Im really interested in the stock market and I read the business pages and Accountancy Age.


Also, one more question…When, after I become a chartered accountant could I expect to do a secondment abroad to say America?


Hey~I just filled in this question last night.
I am applying to the Hong Kong office so I chose a Chinese Sports Brand, which is now extending to the overseas market. I made advices under Audit and Assurance line since this was what I chose. The main two services PWC can offer are IFRS conversion and corporate financing improvement. The former one is quite necessary considering this company’s overseas investors and the latter one matters because this company actually made great advertising effects due to 2008 Olympic, which might increases its market value for investors. And PWC is quite specialized in non-financial assest reporting.

I don’t know whether my answers match their expectations neither…Someone can give any opinions?


You might also like to think about corporate tax services. If they are extending overseas, they will probably need some advice on the tax structure of the country they hope to expand in, and how best to operate the business with that structure in mind. How about thinking about the nature of the expansion overseas? Is it an acquisition? Do you think perhaps the corporate finance division would be of help?

The more experienced guys here can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the point of this question is to try and gather your understanding of how all the lines of service interlink. Even if you have applied for audit, they will probably want to see how much you know about PwC’s other services, and how it links in with audit.