pwc application process


As so many others before me, this site was of massive help to me in preparing for the application process and securing a job at PwC.

In order to give something back to this community, if anyone needs any help or advice for any stage of the process then feel free to write on here and I’ll help out as best as I can!


hi bbbabybel,
i have a first round interview coming up soon. do you mind elaborating more on the structure of the interview, interview questions and what I should look out for?
thanks a lot and all the best at the job.


Pwc Tele interview questions would also be helpful, got one tomorrow…thanks!


First round interview is a telephone interview so this applies to both of you.
Mine lasted about 30 minutes, was really short actually. They asked me fairly standard things, some of these overlap with final interview though as well:
Why Pwc?
They’ve had plenty of awards and offer a fantastic grad scheme so do a bit of research for this rather than just ‘Big 4’ answer.

Why Assurance?
Research your service line thoroughly and make sure you have a good understanding of what the job actually entails.

What do you know about your qualification? ie ACA
Look on ICAEW site, there’s everything you need to know on there.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Research the timeline and structure of a graduate starter.

What recent events have affected PwC and the accounting industry?
This is a tricky one, but if you look on accounting websites they will often have articles about recent things affecting the Big 4, such as the Office of Fair Trading investigation which suggested there is no room for manouver in the Audit market and no chance for smaller firms to get a look in. you just have to keep looking online. See if there is anything Line of Service specific as well, especially in certain areas like public sector etc.

Loads of examples/ competency questions such
Give an example of when you had to motivate someone
Tell me a time you worked in a team
Tell me a time you had a conflict of opinion in a team and how you resolved this
Tell me when you learnt something new

There are many varieties of this sort of question. If you analyse your own experiences and determine the skills each has taught you, you should be able to apply your examples to lots of different questions without necessarily practising the specific one.

Other questions:
Discuss a recent piece of financial news.
Pick something you are interested in, it will make a difference when you talk about it! Just use news articles on line to find as much as you can out about a subject or topic.
Similarly for
What issues is the UK facing as a whole?
The research I did for this was really beneficial to my actual understanding of the economy, especially because of terms and phrases I picked up that I didn’t know before. Just read as much as you can about the start of the recession etc and mainly things that are happening right now such as Eurozone and England’s own debt crisis.

That’s about all I can remember anyway! Good luck to you both.


Hi bbbabybel,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m invited for an Assessment Day in two weeks time for 2012 Audit in London. Did you have any sort of interview on your assessment day? I heard that they are conducting the partner interview after you pass the assessment day, but I’m still wondering if there is anything like a second interview during the assessment day.

Thanks a lot!!


Hi Kimchi,

They should give you plenty of warning if you’re having an interview on the assessment day! So unless it’s been made specific I doubt very much that you’ll have one.

My Assessment day consisted of

Written report-can’t prepare for this, just testing your writing skills

Re-testing- numerical and logical just like you’ve already done

Group task-again, not really something you can prepare for beforehand, just testing group skills etc.

Good luck!


thanks bbbabybel!!! I was wondering if you could give me more info on the written report? I just failed the e-tray at Deloitte so I’m a bit worried about the case study. Can you give me an idea of how you approached the written report and how you structured it?

Thank you very much.


hi, I had my first interview today and there one was question i just could answer do you guys reckon I would have failed then? Also how did u guys hear the outcome? did they call you? as they said they would email me :confused:



The written report consisted of them giving us a brief, which basically compared differerent sustainability methods, and all we had to do was compare and contrast the options. So just pros and cons really! Plenty of info to work with in it, just very time pressured. They’ll probably be checking for coherency, grammar and spelling, and also your ability to take away the important information from the brief and condense it into a relevant report. It’s not complex stuff really, and you don’t have enough time to stop and think about it too much! Just pick out the key parts and compare each one. Make sure you incorporate each aspect as much as you can though,don’t leave any one out, and start with an intro ie explaining what your report is doing, and finish with a conclusion on which you think is the best and why.

I wouldn’t worry too much, they won’t mind that you couldn’t answer just one, they will be interested in your answers to the other parts. And finding out via email is normal!


Hi guys…thank you for sharing your experiences. bbbabybel you’re a STAR. My biggest hurdle is getting past the online tests. I have taken these before, not only for Pwc but also Deloitte. I have not made it past this stage. Can you share some pointers about preparing for these? Websites or books you’ve used and just some general advice?

I really want to join Audit. I have credit for prior learning towards the ACA qualification as I graduated in a finance related degree.

Best wishes to all.

Thank you!


Would you write the report in prose or bullet points? Anyone?


Bullet points, with titles and subtitles. Clear, concise and to-the-point is what they’re looking for, hopefully with a reasonably-argued conclusion.


Sorry for the delay Miss Success, all I used to practice for the online tests were online sites! I just googled aptitude tests and used any websites that came up really, so just have a look online! Literally practice as many as you can, doing them over and over was the most help to me! Also brush up on your maths skills, practice some ratio or percentages questions, and reading graphs etc.
The written report is an essay, not bullet points. They will tell you that in the instructions. But it’s simple to form a point into a paragraph rather than just a bullet point! The point is that it needs to flow like a report. If you run out of time though I think it’s fair to list the rest of your ideas so they can mark you on those as well! A conclusion is pretty much essential though, as they will ask you to summarise and suggest which option you prefer and why. And certainly clear concise and to the point! I think you’ll find you don’t have time to ramble anyway, so being concise is probably the most important thing to remember in the whole of it.


hi bbbabybel

I have an AC on wednesday and would be grateful if you tell me whether the online tests and written exercise are taken on pc or on paper? also, were the tests only numerical and psychometric, or did they add verbal or any other?

thank you!


All on paper, numerical and logical. Basically the same as the online ones you have already done except on paper!! V time pressured, don’t let yourself get caught up in one question and use too much time, best guess and move on! Good luck.







Hi ya. I applied in PwC. but I have made some punctuation errors in application form? Did u all paid attention to punctuation marks?