PwC Application Process Assurance 2011


Like most people who start a thread on here I’ve received much valuable information from this site and thought I’d give back. I’ve recently completed the 2011 application process for Assurance within PWC. I wont describe the entire process at the moment as there are already many other threads which do this very well. If anyone has any questions or needs any advice I would be happy to help as much as I can. Good luck to everyone currently in the process!


Hey Mal88, have my phone interview coming up soon for assurance/forensics graduate position. Any chance you could enlighten me with the story of your phone interview? Was it just general interview questions (strength, weaknesses bla bla bla) or was their a lot of questions about current on goings in the news, the financial sector and ways PwC can contribute to clients etc.


I have had a telephone interview and can happily say i passed it and am booked in for an assessment center .

The telephone interview is very structured and based on the competencies on the PwC site , pay special attention to your team building examples (yes she might ask for 2 !).
Commercial awareness is a competency PwC are interested in so yeah she will expect you to be prepared with some business news that you can discuss with her and you should know this in depth and be prepared to give an opinion on it .

Typical questions

Why PwC ?
Why Assurance ?
What will you be doing in your first year at PwC ?
Tell me about a time when you worked in a team ?
What was the result ?
What things do you think were important in your teams success ?
Tell me about a time when you changed your approach ?
Why did you feel the need for it ?
Tell me about a time when you build relationships ?
A recent business news that you read about ?

Be confident and take your time to take in what she has said and structure your response , it would be good to have a piece of paper with questions and responses you want to give so you don’t miss out on anything .


hey. My experience was very similar to the one above. I would just say make sure you speak clearly and sound confident. My interviewer was very friendly and put me at ease straight away. make sure you research PwC in detail and know all about the firm and service lines. Know your commercial awareness in depth and you’ll do great. Good luck!


Congratulations mal88 and taimur. I’m applying for the Assurance internship and was hoping to get some tips on how to structure my Application Question. Its the traditional:

“PwC is passionate about providing our clients with exceptional services that contribute to their business success. From a business perspective, if you were to join PwC, which organisation would be your ideal client and what services do you think PwC would be providing to enhance the organisation’s continued business success (maximum 150 words)? Please note the organisation does not have to be a current client of PwC.”

But I think it’s 500 words (I copied and pasted the above from another forum).

Thanks in advance. Good luck for your Assessment Day taimur.


Thank you all for the advice on this post and congratualtions to Mal88.

I have an assessment center coming up soon and I wonder if someone could be kind enough to share their experience?

For example:

What was the subject of the group discussion?
What was the subject of the written exercise?
Is the partner interview on the same day?

Also any expericence with regards to numerical and logical tests.

Any insight will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Thank you all for the valuable info you have put on this site. I need to apply to PWC through inspired graduate talent. Any help on how to go about filling the form on to get a chance to get through the first stage. I have not done A Level but l passed my degree.



Chings24 - I’m afraid I don’t know what the inspired talent application form looks like. However if it it the same as the graduate one then as long as you meet their standard criteria for applicants you will automatically make it to the first stage (numerical, logical tests) as far as I’m aware.

Ivanah - Congrats on making it to the assessment centre stage! To be honest there isn’t much point in me telling you the topic for the group discussion and written report as they will change these for different groups. No previous knowledge is expected so don’t worry. Just make sure you read all the info quickly and pick out the key points as there really is a lot and you don’t get much time. Also ensure you have a good structure for your report. The numerical and logical tests are the same as the first round so as long as you look back over some examples these should be fine. The partner interview isn’t on the same day but I found out an hour after the AC that I had made it to the final stage so they are pretty quick about letting you know usually.

Good luck! What office are you applying to?


Congrats for getting to the final stage. Thanks for your response. I did manage to apply and l have to take online tests but l am finding them a bit hard especially the logical reasoning as some sites give them as essay type questions and others as shapes and diagrams. I dont know which ones to concentrate on and l am running short of time. Any advice on the best sight to practice online tests?

Thanks in advance.


I also just got invited back to the AC, they said they recommend going through the PwC website again. But I assume we do not really need to know too much history other than the 10 fundamental principles they for from their employees.

Also, I know theres also the lunch with the PwC ambassadors. Are these part of the process? Or can you just enjoy your lunch without any pressure :slight_smile:



Has anyone does the 2012 application?
I know the numerical is SHL but what are the questions like? As usually the practise ones are alot easier than the real thing?



I am doing 2012 application ( I think I do, as I applied to the legal department first, but they filled all the places in 2012 and 2013, so no point to apply anymore, so I asked to transfer my application to Indirect Tax).
I will do my tests tomorrow I think, as I havent done them for ages, so I need to practice. The only surprising thing is that they only want logical test, not numerical one (which could be quite a bitch) and I am not sure how good I am at logical one, coz when it comes to shapes - it’s the end of story for me. I simply have no idea which one is the right one :smiley: Anyway, hopefully someone will help us out.

I am not bothered at all with all the competency questions, coz I can talk the hind legs off a donkey, but I really start talking jibber jabber when it comes to whyyyyyyyy PwC, Deloitte, etc. All of them are the same for me! And in fairness, you really don’t care which company you want to work for at this stage, all you want to say - I need a job! Please give me one and I will work very very very hard! You are prepared to sacrifice all your life to work in a BIG4, so I really can’t get that flattery thing - Why do you think we are so special? Because you are a BIG4, leading accountancy firms, and after you all the doors will be opened. Now give me a job and I will work everything off to prove you that I’m the best candidate :slight_smile:

So yeah, back to the topic, do you have to be specific in terms of why this company, or just general things like - leading tax department, outstanding corporate responsibility stuff, big world wide known clients, etc - will be enough?

And yeah, what about commercial awareness thing. Is it more business like problems, or general things like - our economy is recovering very slowly, government wants banks to separate their services, which is quite dangerous for our fragile economy, bla bla bla - will be ok?

Thanksss for help :slight_smile:


Hi Mal88,

Do you think you could provide some more information on your partner interview? Was it heavily competency orientated? Thanks!


Mal, could you provide any more information on the senior/partner interview? Thanks very much!


hi everyone,
I have my PWC 2012 graduate telephone interview coming up soon. can anyone help with what the interview is like? what type of questions etc…?!?

thanks a lot :slight_smile: