PWC application: Lack of personal interests in "additional information"


I’m applying for PwC this year and I have an issue with a lack of personal interests for the “additional information” section of the application. I consider myself to be a reasonably able applicant for my chosen department. I have a relevant master’s degree and some relevant employment experience, all of which I can relate back to core competencies listed as important to PwC. The additional information section asks for any thus far unmentioned information including personal interests, travel, awards, etc., which could be of interest during the interview stage. I’ve discussed my studies abroad and so on, so this section isn’t empty.

However, my problem is that I have a basic lack of ‘interesting interests’ that I think could damage my chances. I spend my spare time with my friends doing all kinds of different things; we arrange the odd weekend away, chat for hours and of course throw parties. I read books, go to the cinema, listen to music, and enjoy them all. When filling out the form, though, I suddenly feel like a hobbyless bore. Nothing I do can be twisted into some kind of competency by even the most vivid imagination. I’m inherently clumsy and thus have never been good at any sports, so I just don’t play them.

The question is, am I better off to lie, or is it alright not to have ‘interesting interests’ as long as I prove my abilities elsewhere?


Well you’ve already mentioned a couple of good interests there; reading, cinema, music, weekends away - maybe build this into a ‘passion for travelling’ etc. That was basically my input to the ‘additional interests’ section, though I also had a bit about being a PADI Diver from when I was travelling last year… Just don’t say you can fluently speak Cantonese or something!


I’m rubbish at sports as well, which worried me as many people use that as “team work” stuff. I put down Jiu Jitsu (a martial art I practice), skiing (I took it up last year), ice skating (the same) and travelling. I also put down the charity work in schools and work abroad I’ve done.

Not everyone can be captain of their rugby team, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Once you’ve got past the application form stage what you wrote is less important.