PwC application form mistakes


Hi, Just a quick questions to anyone that knows. Has anyone heard of PWC failing you due to errors in you application form.
I read about your post on the forum about pwc precreening. I made mistakes on my A level results due to unclear memory and manage to tell them before I received the offer and asked them to update it. However, they still send questionnaire to verify my wrong results to my old school.

I have called them ,emailed them basically tried everything. The pre screening team told me they only responsible for screening. and when i contact the student recruitment helpline, they said I still meet the criteria and don’t think there would be a problem.

Does anyone have similar situation? has anybody passed the screening with mistakes on the application form?



I think they do pre-screeing to give them away to reject you if they need to and to check you meet the requirements. For example, suppose they end up making too many graduate offers and want to reduce their intake. In this situation they will legally be able to rescind offers from candidates that have mistakes on their form.

This is unlikely to happen, but they do it to cover their own assess, pwc are smart like that.


Hey Edward thank you for your reply. I manage to email the screening team and they send out the correct scores I updated on my application form to my old school to verify them.
Does that mean they admit they are accept the change on my application form?
Do you think if my school verify the right results and tell them I don’t have any discrepancies, I’ll be just fine?

Thank you very much.


Hi Michelle,

What happened in the end?

I have a made a minor mistake on my application also and am wondering the best way to approach it.