PwC Application form failed degree problem


Ok, so I have done my application form and sent it off.

I did one year of a different degree before changing to another course (and starting in year 1) on which I got a 2:1.

PwC have asked for all my module marks for this course (which im having to contact my uni to get), even though it didnt count for anything and is irrelevant as far as i’m concerned. I told them i changed course as it was not for me, so why do they need my results from it? I have some good results, but some awful ones.

Is this normal practice for these firms? Or should i try and get out of it?


I am not sure why the want those results. The only thing I can think of is so as to check that you actually did attend the course and exams and did not just take a year off doing nothing.
As you changed the course because it wasnt for you and completed another course successfully, I personally do not see the harm in providing those marks.

Hope this helps.


Thank, I’ve sent them now. Obviously seeing as I left the course, some marks were quite bad, although I didnt fail the year I had a couple of VERY low marks, so i hope it doesnt make too much of an impact. We’ll see.

One positive is that they didnt reject the application based on what ive already said!


I was in a similar situation (changed course after my first year). They didn’t ask for my module results for my first course, but they touched upon it at interview.

I gave them a full and honest breakdown on why I’d changed, and that seemed to be ok. I’d make sure you’ve thought clearly about this if you get invited for an interview, as it’s very likely that they’ll question you on it.


i was in the same situation and rang to see if i should include in my application form- didnt want to get caught out and they thought i was trying to hide. they werent bothered, and i used it as a decision making competancy example.


Yeh I included it on my application but they wanted clarification. At a prev. interview i did use it as an example of decision making. Try and make it into a positive.


Heya, I wouldn’t worry about low marks in a first year that doesn’t count. I completely messed up my first year, scraped thru maths and failed finance… which looks great :-s but Deloitte just accepted my form and asked me to do the maths test (better practice!) so probably turning it around is more important.