PwC Application Form: any useful tips how to get through?


I was about to fill PwC application form for Assurance. Is there anyone successful at application stage could share their experience and give some useful tips. That would be most appreciated!


Hi Mardon,

Best advice I could give is be honest, try to answer the question effectively…without rambling on about anything extra, try to include the competencies that they state they are looking for…they will be judging your writing ablitily too, and I would suggest completing the answers in word, doing a spell check, and rereading them a couple of times before sending…simple grammar errors can cause chaos!!

Good luck


Yeah - be clear, concise and interesting.



I would agree with the others. I would also have a good read through their website. A lot of answers to questions like “what do you think you will do on a day to day basis?” or descriptions of competencies are on there. Obviously you shouldn’t copy directly from the website but it should give you a good idea what they’re looking for.


Hi embee16, joyrevision and whya,

Thank you guys for your precious advises, I will try my best


hi everyone,

these two links are from PwC skill sessions. i hope you will find it useful.


What sort of things do they look for when they ask “What do you know about PwC” or “Why do you want to work there?” How can you differentiate your apps from other apps. I’m going to apply for PwC but unless I don’t have a strong app, they won’t consider me. :frowning:


Chucky - I don’t really think you have to differentiate yourself that much at the application form stage. That’s what the interviews and assessment days are for. I’d say my appo form answers were fairly generic, but they were also clear, concise and answered the question.

They just want to ensure that you have a good understanding of what PwC actually do, and that you’ve bothered to do a little bit of research on the firm and the job role. Also be aware that they will be assessing your writing quality, so just be sure to check over grammar/spelling etc.


Thanks lukeb. :slight_smile:


Hi guys, just a quick question about the PwC form - see the question
‘Please use the space below to list any additional personal interests, positions of responsibility held, scholarships, awards, prizes, residence abroad or significant travel that you have not already told us about (maximum 200 words).’

Does this actually mean LIST or are you supposed to give more detail and make urself sound amazing??


I was planning on writing a paragraph… what area are you applying to?



Just a quick question, I submitted an application for the summer Assurance internship about a week ago, and then received an email about three days later asking about me to provide details about my gap year between A Levels and university. The thing is I didn’t go on a gap year, instead I was on a different course at a different university, I wasn’t enjoying it so decided to change. How’s this likely to go down with PwC? I have yet to receive a reply from them, and I’m starting to get a little worried.


I changed course in my first year and got past the app form stage ok.

I’d just be clear with them, explain the situation and provide details on why you decided to change.


I would recommend anyone filling in any online application just to “learn” the web page of the company especially the careers section before answering competency based questions. look for what they say about who they want. competencies they want.

the links provided above are useful just follow them. be careful to copy and paste or paraphrase anything from online resources. you have to answer those question during interviews if you are successful.

extensive learning of pwc’s web page before applying allowed me pass through the first two stages.

good luck to you guys


You passed through application, because you changed course in your first year? You mean, you changed your classes?


I was responding to Nativetongue’s post on whether changing degree course at University would count against you in your PwC application.

I just meant that during my first year at Uni, I was unhappy on my course so changed degree program entirely. So I spent 4 years at Uni instead of 3, but it hasn’t seemed to have negatively impacted any of my applications.

So essentially, I got through inspite of and not because of the change in course!


Lukeb, what was your course, the second one. finance and accounting related.

I think it is alright to mention any change on the application form as long as you can properly justify it i.e. why did you change and the result assuming you completed the course.


I changed from physiotherapy to a science related subject, so nothing at all finance/accountancy based!


Chucky, I’m applying for assurance. . . i’m through to the AC for KPMG but everytime i get through the next stage of application i have to choose a different office as the places have been filled, so I’m now on my third choice! Thought i’d better get onto applying to other places to keep my options open :-S I had written a paragraph (which i spent ages on) and then read it said list and nearly cried! But that’s fine other people are getting thru with more personal statement types!

Cheers guys!


i_need_a_job: ahhh cool. Congrats on KPMG, they wont consider me just cos I dont have dumb UCAS points. :@ Sorry about the whole office thing but at least your getting somewhere! I can understand though, I’d hate to be anywhere other than London. Also, i’m sure they’ll eventually let you move closer to home, just not in your first year. :frowning: What other places have you been applying to?