PwC application for April start


Hi I am new to this forum, nice to meet everyone. I have submitted my application to PwC Assurance position 2 days ago, and have not yet heard anything. I would like to ask roughly how long until I will hear some feedback?

Thanks a lot in advance.


You could wait weeks ot hear back from them… but you should get an email notification that they have received your application within 48 hours. If you don’t - call them to check they’ve received your app!


Thanks a lot for the info, actually I already got the notification of receipt, just a bit worried as I just finished my Masters course a month ago and desperate to find a job. Given the current economic situation it seems like it will be a very tough year…

A question off the topic, I am planning to apply the other big 4’s as well, but I think that my GCSE may not be up to their standard, since I only got B in Maths and C in English. So is there any chance? I did the International Baccalaureate and my result was equivalent of 442 UCAS points and got a 2.1 for my undergrad. Waiting the final results from my Masters, not sure if I just submit the system may just automatically reject my application base on the Math and English grade. Any advice please?


If you took English and Maths in your IB (which most people do), they will probably pay more attention to that than the GCSE scores. This is especially true if you are a foreign student.


I did IB Maths Higher and got a 5, but haven’t done English since GCSEs. I think my English is pretty good though, I mean my English Literature I got B so I can’t be that bad at the language. I am thinking maybe the B just slipped out of my hands slightly… So do you reckon that’s going to be a problem?


I would call HR and see what they say. Borderline situations are usually dealt with on a case by case basis.