PWC - Application error


I have been closely following discussions on this forum for quite some time. So I thought I’d sign up.

Basically I have applied to PWC and passed the online tests. However I made a mistake in my application where it asked if I was currently working towards a qualification such as ACCA, ACA CIMA etc. I am university graduate with professional exam exemptions and I am NOT currently working towards a qualification although in the application form I stated I was. Now PWC have emailed me asking for clarification on this matter. Now my question to you is would it be best to ring them or email them about this discrepancy and would it affect my application to the firm.
What is the best response to this dilemma?

Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

I made a mistake on my application as well while applying. I wrote them an email to clarify the discrepancy in writing, and then rang them up a few days later when they hadn’t replied to ensure the mistake had been rectified (as sometimes they don’t immediately update your application). Just be honest and it’ll be fine - you’re still in the application stage. It’s only if they find mistakes in the background checks after they’ve extended an offer that trouble starts to brew. Good luck and hope this helps!


Is this for the 2014 intake? Because when I search for vacancies, none show up…


Best thing to do is to call them and explain to them your error. These things happen more often than you think and chances are, they will correct the error with no penalty.

As long as you sound honest and sincere, I highly doubt that they will kick up a fuss.

Good luck