PwC application. Career motivation questions


Hi Everyone,

While applying, I have to write 500-word essays in career motivation sector. Can anybody help me with tips regarding this question:
a. If you were to work on any client whom would it be and why?
b. What commercial/industry issues are affecting this client in the business market that should be taken into account when working with this client
c. What services and advice could PwC offer this client


Well the first part is really up to you to figure out. Literally take a company you are interested in and explain why you’d want to work on that client. It’s not a trick question.

Second part wants you to demonstrate business acumen. You need to show you’ve researched the client and that you are aware of the current state of the economic climate they are operating in. SWOT and PESTEL framework will help you generate insights.

Third part wants you to demonstrate that you are knowledgable in the services PwC offer and how they add value for the client. Again this just requires doing some research and understanding how PwC’s services benefit businesses.

E.g. Tax department could offer advice to optimise tax structure or ensure full compliance with HMRC regulations, assurance could offer feedback on control deficiencies or help interpreting new accounting standards, transaction services could help evaluate potential acquisitions etc. etc.