PWC applicaion teamwork question



Im struggling a bit with one of the questions on the application:
Striving for excellence through working as part of successful teams is key to our work. Please describe a group activity that you have been involved in where you have contributed to the team’s success. Your example should be a maximum of 150 words and include the following information: Details of the activity, key objectives, individual contribution, challenges faced and overall outcome*

I have several examples i can quote for teamwork. but most of them involve as me being the leader. Im just confused whether those would be good examples. Also if giving examples from your work experience is better or your university as university for me was ended a year ago. From work experience its part of the jod description to work in teams etc etc so would that work?
Maybe im just reading too much into this.

Any help would be appreciated!Thanks


There’s nothing wrong with you being the leader. Surely you must have some where you were in a team and there was no leader?

What have you got so far?