Hi i have an assessment center for PWC Tax Headstart

I am unsure whether to go to the assessment day, as i meet all the requirements passed tests and phone interview however am unsure on their policy for A levels my situation is:

In my first AS year i did History, psychology, English Lit- Now i had a very bad year on top of that i wasn’t enjoying the subjects so come the end of the year have a D,E,E, so i wanted a new start moved colleges and started my A levels again but wiht different subjects English lang, Sociology and IT , in the first year i got A*, B,B. I am predicted better for this year but i don’t know whether this is allowed at PWC and if it would be worth going to the assessment center and all the preparation and then to get rejected on there no retake policy??

What do you think guys??



Now sure how strict they are on the no retake policy. Is it not possible to ignore the DEE if you can get A-level of the better grades A*, B,B then don’t see this as a problem I think.


That is what i mean but i haven’t mentioned this on mt application form. i clueless at the moment?


Could i just say i took a gap year between GCSE’s and A levels as i have not retaken any of the first subjects to better my grades i have got all my grades in the first sitting… so would you think its worth going to the assessment center and are they maybe less Leninist on school leavers rather than graduates??

Any Help would much appreciated