PwC and Deloitte London Audit and Assurance - Getting the Job


Hi, I’ve recently completed my assessment centres with both Deloitte and PwC for Assurance at their London offices and have been delighted to be offered positions with both companies for Sept '09.
This is partly a big thank you to all the other people that post on wikijob, the wikis and the forums have been exceptionally helpful to me in understanding each part of the process and what will be involved.
It is also to say that I’d be happy to answer any questions new applicants may have on the processes, interviews and ACs for these two companies via this forum or private messages. My best advice is to read all the information already written on here and the companies websites including the customer areas.

Thanks again to all the posters,


hi, well done on getting two offers
i have a first round interview for public services assurance london office for an april start tomorrow.
i come from a maths background and have learnt the basics behind sarbox, and a few current finance stories.
what commercial awareness questions were you asked in your first round interview?
were there any other questions they asked you which came as a surprise?


I wouldn’t focus on Sarbox, limited relevance to public services - I would look into adoption of IFRS by public sector organisations (major issue for them right now) and also the effect of the recession on public sector finances but everybody will probably talk about that.


Well done on getting your interview exs520.
Some knowledge of Sarbanes Oxley might get you a few brownie points, but it’s not really current news (~2002) and has settled much more now, however I’m not sure about demode’s comment about limited relevance to public services as my understanding was that it affects only public companies, not private… IFRS is more recent (~2005) but if you talk about that have a specific example in mind to talk about. I admit I just talked about the current economic situation, yes lots of people may try to talk about it, but if you have a good understanding of the effect it’s having on professional services firms and audit&assurance in particular you will do well. I was simply asked if I could talk about current news relating to PwC and/or its clients in my first interview. I didn’t find any surprising questions because my interview was by an HR professional who kept the conversation very flowing and logical, however I did find it harder to gauge this approach in terms of which competencies I could fit into what was currently being talked about.


yeah i looked over the IFRS issue as well, i’ll go into a bit more detail though


oh yeah but my position is for assurance of public service organisations; NHS trusts, charities, government agencies etc. so not public in the same sense.
think i can talk about IFRS for a while and a bit about the economic downturn so hopefully that will be enough.
thanks for the advice anyway.
did you get asked how assurance was set up in the london office during your first interview?


Sounds good, though you are likely to be asked it in the context of how it is affecting PwC currently and they like you to be as specific as possible, so bear that in mind. I didn’t get asked how assurance was set up, however I was asked about the services on offer and in feedback from the first interview I was advised to read through all the client areas of the website as I had only read the graduate areas, which is less detailed in terms of its descriptions of the services and how they are targeted at clients.


services within assurance or the whole company?
i looked over the main website a while ago so i’ll recap again. so much to know for one interview, i feel like i’m studying for my exams again!


If it helps, some PWC public services assurance clients include boroughs of Bromley, Wandsworth, Havering and Redbridge. The Audit Commission has an Excel file of all the public sector audit appointments in the UK for this year (local government, NHS trusts etc), but I don’t think I can put up links here as the website thinks they are spam. I just typed “Audit Commission PWC Bromley” into Google and it is the 4th link down, “Notes”…


Hi exs520, how did the interview go?

I am starting in Public Services Assurance London PwC in April and thought I could tell you about my partner interview. If you were successful at the first interview (which I hope you were!) then maybe I can be of help for the next one?


Hi all

im applying for an internship at Pwc for actuarial, n theyve got this question(which i assume all of u would have written as well) the question is :
From a business perspective, if you were to join PwC, which organisation would be your ideal client and what services do you think PwC would be providing to enhance the organisation’s continued business success (maximum 150 words)? Please note the organisation does not have to be a current client of PwC.

i was thinkin to go for a not much profitable company n say how Pwc could help them improve. but then again which one??? n wat services to provide?? my major problem is im from a science background n i have no idea wat these business terms mean … n i know tat writin general stuff like giving tax advice etc wont help… wat more should i do?? plz help!!!


Sajju810, sounds like you should read up on the services that they offer, they will probably ask you this at interview stage too if you get through, you need to understand how they add value to client’s businesses. I think your idea is good, because alot of people choose one of their current clients/another big multinational, so if you use a different example it will show good thought and knowledge. Have a search around on the internet, the bbc business pages, the FT or etc for a/some smaller companies, do a bit of background research and then have a think how PwC could provide a service to them to help them be more successful. (I am also from a science background and I also chose a smaller company as my example :wink: )


Hi NURecruit,

Well done on being offered positions by both!

I applied to Assurances at PwC in the Public Sector, and have just been invited to complete the following by PwC in the next few days:

  1. online numerical tests
  2. logical reasoning tests
  3. PwC’s student talent questionnaire

Any advice on the tests (i.e. what to practice etc) would be most appreciated.



Hi Mos,

I have just got through to the Assessment Centre for PwC Assurance and did the online tests a couple of weeks ago. If you need anymore advice than what I’m about to give, just shout!

  1. Numerical Tests. Go to, these are the best to practice as PwC use SHL’s tests! I found the maths pretty difficult as I am not from a maths background (I study languages), but if you know percentage increases and decreases, currency exchanges and cross multiplication of fractions, you should be ok. Nothing there is really more than GCSE Maths level, but it is about being able to recognise it quickly. You get 21 questions in 21 mins and don’t worry if you don’t finish them all. But really just make sure you practice them. Google numerical reasoning and you will get others too, some are better than others to practice with, it just depends how rusty you are!!

  2. Logical tests, they are sometimes called diagrammatic reasoning tests! Practice again on SHL! It will consist of a few more questions in the same time limit. You basically get given a series of diagrams and you have to say which is the next in the sequence! Its really just a bit of logic and recognising patterns. So just practce again!!

  3. The student talent questionnaire is nothing to worry about, you don’t need to learn or practice anything. They will give you a set of situations and you then have 3 choices of what you would do. Answer honestly, don’t pretend to be something you are not, because they are looking to see whether you will fit in with the company.

You should be fine, if you need anything else just ask!!

Good Luck!


Hi NU, congras!!!
I’m from engineering background so I have little knowleadge about assurance. My interview is next week but I’m still struggle with some of the questions… Could you please list a couple of key issues have affected the industry? so I could think about them in case they asked me~~

I’m a bit worry about group exercise as well as English is not my first lanuage so sometimes I can’t express myself really well. What content is included in the material they gave it to you and what kind of knowleage should I know?

Many thanks!


Hi Samantha 2702,

That’s so kind of you to provide me with so much information. Have you had your assessment centre yet? What was it like? If you haven’t then good luck!


Hi Samantha 2702,

That’s so kind of you to provide me with so much information. Have you had your assessment centre yet? What was it like? If you haven’t then good luck!


Hi Samantha 2702,

That’s so kind of you to provide me with so much information. Have you had your assessment centre yet? What was it like? If you haven’t then good luck!


Its no problem, how did the tests go? No my AC is on 24th, so still waiting at the moment!! Luckily it has given me enough time to practice everything!! Maths especially!


Hi Samantha,

Sorry- didn’t mean to write my message to you three times! Good luck with your assessment centre! I still haven’t heard back about my tests though. How was the interview, what sort of qu’s? Is it competency based?