PwC Actuarial Assessment Day


Has anyone attended one of these? They haven’t really informed me (yet) what it will comprise of and it’s next week! I understand it will have the usual first round interview (competencies I can view from their website), but will it have any surprises accountancy ones don’t have?


Yup I’ve been to one, from what I can tell of the other AC’s as described on here, it isn’t any different. Day started with brief introduction, then the tests. Then half the candidates (five on the day I was there) were taken to do the group exercise, which I think will be the same as discussed by others, had no specific actuarial aspect, they’re just looking at how you work as a team. You don’t need any preparation, like everyone says, just make sure you are involved but not overpowering, and listen and encourage others. Then we had our first round interview, competency based, friendly and young interviewer (although I messed mine up completely!). Finally we were given a really nice lunch with two guys who had been working at PwC a couple of years, very informal and nice opportunity to ask questions. This is the only assessment centre I’ve been to (I’m very late at filling in forms), but it was a really good experience, it was more relaxed than I had expected.


Does Actuary internship at PWC require a verbal reasoning test?


Yes, but not logical.


Bah, I prefer logical… It’s funner as well…


Logical is always the funnest.

If you want some practice tests - try this [ link] to a good online practice [ aptitude test provider]



is anyone going to the ass day on 13th Jan in Manchester?


Hi i think im in the wrong place, but i really need help!!!

im stuck with the application form for PwC… the question about ur ideal client is a tricky one… wat r they actually luking for?? n which company can i name?? i was thinking of BP as they are’nt a client of PwC… thought that would be a safe option… ny other suggestions?? n wat about services?? wat should i say??? plzzz help somebody!!!



Has anyone been through the TRB assessment centre? ( pensions actuarial postion)

Many thanks