PwC Actuarial Assessment Centre Grad 10


Hi everyone, I applied for Grad 10 Actuarial with PWC.

I noticed there is this new written exercise at their assessment centre.

Anyone been to one of these assessments? Any insight will be great!

Thank you.


Hey nesa123,

I had an assessment centre with PWC a couple of weeks ago. For the written exercise I had to analyse 3 prospective biscuit producing companies for a client. There’s no right or wrong answer but make sure your mindful of structure, content and language


Hi blue_side,

Thanks for the tips! Did you make it to partner interview? What role did you apply for?


hey nesa123 - when is your assesment day? Mine is coming up on the 10th. We could help each other!


Hi alimuqeem!

Mine’s on the 16th but i’m having a drop-in session with recruitment on the 4th. Let me know if there is anything you would like to find out and i’ll ask them. What role did you apply for?


Hey nesa123,

I applied for the AIMS graduate position in 2010. I had my partner interview last week and i’m waiting to hear back. Hopefully we’ll see each other on the graduate induction next year!


Yea, hopefully!!! Congrats on getting that far. Really hope you get the job. Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

This is going to sound cheeky and ignore this message if you want to but I really need your help!!!

This is my first experience with assessment centre and I wondered if you could go into a bit more detail about the day i.e. what interview questions you were asked, what the group/individual exercise entailed etc…whenever you have the time. Were the tests harder than the online versions? Also, what was your partner interview like…were there a lot of questions on commercial awareness?

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks



The ac started with a short presentation about PWC where they described the different roles in life and non-life. After that we had the written assessment followed by the numerical and verbal tests. These were SHL tests and I thought these were slightly harder than the online tests mainly because it was quite easy to run out of time.

After this we had a short break before the group exercise. It was about corporate responsibility for a company in the Phillipines but you don’t need any prior knowledge. Make sure you listen carefully to what other people are saying and try not to interrupt anyone.

The last task was an interview with a recently qualified actuary. Mainly competency based structured as ‘Tell me about a time when…’ . Make sure you look at the competency list on the PWC website and have a couple examples for each. I also got asked about the company I wrote about in my application form that was an ideal client so have a look at recent news about your ideal client.

The partner interview was similar to the interview at the assessment centre. Mainly competencies but got also got asked how i’d invest £1 million, but that might have been because I’v had an internship at an investment bank before.

Hope that helps and good luck with your assessment centre.


Thank you blue_side!!! You are an abosolute STAR! it helps a lot…not just me but i’m sure many others will benefit from this advice!!! PWC defo needs more people like you, really helpful!

Will pray that the get the job. Best of luck!!!


Nesa123 - you said you had a drop-in session with recruitment on the 4th. Could you share anything that may be of use for someone like me (going to assessment centre in less than a week)

A bit of a side question: Does you know what happens after the Assessment centre for the Actuarial line? It says on the PwC (and on WikiJob) website that the selection process is as follows:

Application > Online Test > First Interview > Assessment Centre > Job Offer

But my application has taken this route

Application > Online Test > Assessment Centre > ???

Are the interviews done AFTER The assessment centres or am I missing something?


@ alimuqeem

I’d be happy to share :). Like blue_side said, they emphasised on the ideal client…make sure you know any recent developments or news about them. Also prepare another client you are interested in because they might ask you about that.

You also have to know what a good client service is and how to deal with difficult clients.

Make sure you know their 10 competencies and prepare 2 examples of each!

Depending on the line of service or location you applied, the selection process will be different. In your case, you will have the AC first which includes the 1st interview and if you make it through, you’ll then have your partner interview.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you want to know more. Best of luck!!!


@ blue_side: Hey! You heard anything yet about the job?

@alimuqeem: How’d your AC go?


I got the job!!! Had my partner interview 2day and he called an hour ago and infomally offered me a position. Thank u all for the help. Wikijob is amazing!

Hope to see u sept!


hi everyone,
thank you for sharing all ur experiences… it it really helping me to prepare for my assessment day which is in the next couple of weeks.
Has anyone applied to do tax? And if so, what sort of questions did u get asked in the partner interview about it?
Is there anyway of preparing for the written and group exercises?
Should i be looking at my ideal client really very thoroughly?

Is the group exercise more about how you interact rather than the content of what you are saying? because i am a little worried that i wont really know what to say!

Sorry for all these questions, but if someone could get back to me i would find it really useful, as this is my first assessment day!
Thanks x



Has anyone been through the TRB assessment centre? ( pensions / actuarial )

Many thanks


I just had my AC for actuarial and i was asking the employee a lot of questions about how everything was scored. she wouldn’t say if it was based on the total correct out of the total possible questions… all she said was “it is judged on accuracy”… which leads me to believe you would be correct. However, if that were the case, why not just do 1 question, get it right, and stop? Follow me? So it would have to be a combination of both.

As for my experience, if anyone is wondering. The Numerical test is a LOT more time pressured than the online version, do yourself a favor and don’t face the clock or worry about the time (thatll only waste your time by forcing you to take your eyes off your paper)… Just try to do at least 12 and get them all right, if u ahve time, do more… SKIP questions if they are worded in a difficult way

As for the diagrammatic tests… I did all 40 in 15 minutes. Some of them don’t take too much thought, but there are some that make you think differently than you had for the others. Don’t sweat it, all in all I think the people who get to the assessment center are basically confirmed, just prepare for the interview (i was told by the assessor that this was the most important part).

oo also, BRING YOUR OWN CALCULATOR… i opted for their calculator and it completely screwed me over. the decimal button didnt work right, and it wasnt easy to get it from a fraction to a decimal… annoying. if i would have had my own calculator i might have finished 2 more of the questions.

ummm… as far as the partner interview 1on 1 goes… do your best preparing for it by reading the FT and bloomberg and bla bla bla… focus on articles that are relative to the area of PwC that you are applying for! If you do that, chances are you will easily be able to answer any questions that the interviewer asks you.

Oh, and dont be afraid to ask them how u did at the end. I was very honest with mine, and asked a lot of questions throughout (not about how i was doing in the interview) and it made it a LOT more of a conversation rather than an interview.

My assessment center was yesterday, now im waiting to hear back…

oo 1 more encouraging thing.

she told me that over 15000 people applied last year… half made it to the second stage (i.e. past the 500 word question)… and only 1800 made it past the phone interview…

they had 1500 spots… so really if you make it to the AC, just think of it as having to beat out 1/6 of the people… however, everyone is going to be there for a different job/internship/placement year/department, so they arent your competition…


ill let you guys know if i got through or not, right now im just anxiously waiting =)


Hi gootchman, could you please give me some information on the specific questions you got asked in the partner interview? My AC is on Monday… Did you apply for Executive Reward Consultancy, AIMS or Pensions? The statistics you gave are very interesting. Did you hear back from them yet?


Yeah, sadly i didn’t get the internship. It was 100% due to the numerical test. just MAKE SURE you bring your own calculator. I used theirs and the decimal button didn’t work. Not only that, you spend AGES writing calculations on your paper and then going back and forth to the calculator, unless you have a scientific or graphing calc in which case you can do multiple calculations at once… i promise you, having a scientific or better is a necessity.

o, i applied for internships in actuarial human resource consulting

They told me my teamwork skills were excellent. I was obviously the leader but wasn’t overbearing, i encouraged everyone to participate, i asked questions, I gave my opinions and gave a summary of the group’s thoughts as the exercise went on.

They told me that I did extremely well on the diagrammatic tests (i kno for a fact i got 100 percent) but these are 40 questions in 40 minutes, which might be difficult for some people.

My partner interview, which I expected to be the hardest part… was actually the most enjoyable. I made a good impression because after I was told that I didn’t get the internship, the partner actually insisted that I reapply for the full time position asap… he also made it clear that he did what he could to have them let me resit the assessment center… but they wouldn’t let me because there was no circumstance that warranted it other than that I didn’t pass (basically if they let me, then everyone would want to)

However, this was very encouraging, knowing that he thought highly enough of me that he would take it upon himself to ask if I could try again… pretty cool

the written exercise… ok here is the key

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO WRITE YOUR ANSWER. if you allocate 10-12 mins to reading, 1 or 2 mins to planning your structure (or do this while you read) and then 15 mins to writing FAST, you will finish it. Make sure you give an intro, body, conclusion, include LOTS of facts and figures (or as much as you have time for) and write it with great grammar,spelling bla bla

i kno i did well enough here but i didnt finish my conclusion and she brought that up when giving me feedback about how i did on that one… so just make sure you finish so tat they can see u ahve all the parts. i would also suggest putting your recommendation in your intro just so that if u dont finish (avoid this) at least you have it in the report…

aside from that, there are definitely useless pages in the booklet they give u… so dont bother reading them. just go straight for the facts

right… the numerical… its 20 questions in 20 minutes. i got to number 16 but skipped 2… there is a lot of pressure (and normally im calm during exams)

i think if you answer 14, get them all right, and stay calm, you’ll pass… i think i prob got 4 or 5 wrong cuz of the calculator + pressure…

any more questions, feel free to ask… ill definitely be reapplying and i know i have my partner interviewer’s support… but this time for the full time position.

good luck!


Thx a lot for your advice, gootchman! May I bother you a question?

Do you remember roughly what competency questions you were asked in partner interview?

Does the partner ask you IN DEPTH about ideal client?

Someone in the forum mentioned that they were asked about the information of other companies instead of our ideal clients, do u meet such circumstance?

Someone in the forum stated that the pass rate of numberical test is 10 out of 20? so you think it is 14 out of 20? Are they difficult compare to the online one? If you dont mind, could u tel me hows ur pass rate of online one (I know we were not informed, but cud u estimate how many questions u got right in onliene one)?

Thxalot again for your generous help!


BTY, I apply for Assurance, but I guess the content/structure is the same?

Also, may I ask one more question:

I will have my AC on Jan, I guess there is fewer vacancies left. Do you think the standard/bar of recruiting is higher compare to earlier time, say Sep or Oct? Forgive me for this silly question.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile: