Pwc- acca exam exemptions


I have recently applied to PwC on thier graduate accounting scheme. I was just wondering if anyone knows the process for anyone who has passed most of the ACCA exams already (11 out of 14). Will I still have to start from scratch and attend the college for all of the exams or will I just be required to sit my remaining exams. Becasue i know somebody on a different graduate scheme who had to still attend the college whilst training even though he had finished all of his exams. The reason they gave him was learning whilst gaining the practical experience is completely different from learning simply to pass an exam. I was wondering if this is the same for PwC.


Will you be doing the ACCA as everyone I know on the grad scheme does the ACA.

However, if you are eligible for exemptions, they like you to attend classes for the areas you will use for future exams. The only class anyone in my year attended where they weren’t sitting the exam was financial accounting. If you have any other exemptions, you will be put out to work. They will utilise you whereever possible!


Thanks for your reply. Ye acca