PwC AC & Final Round Interview


I had an AC and Final round interview for PwC Last year

I’ve got an AC coming up for PwC in a few weeks and wondered if anybody has had theirs?

Willing to help out with Final Round queries etc.

PM me


Had my AC this week in Birmingham. If you need any help, let me know.


Pm’d you


I’m applying for internship, and waiting for the final round in the next few days. Please help me!!! Thanks in advance!!
My email (if you need):
Again, thanks so so much!


Hi, i am going to have my AC for auditing next week, will really appreciate it if you can walk me through the ac process and give some tips if possible, thank you very much!


Hi there! How was your AC? did you get an offer?


Hi! do you mind share your experience in group discussion? as I found this is the most difficult part to prepare, how did you perform in the group discussion to pass it? did you take the lead role?
Thanks in advance!