PWC AC 2012/13


Hi guys,

Are the AC for PwC this recruitment cycle the same as previous years?



Anyone able to share any experiences of AC?

When is yours nr_rules?


December 10, you? What have you applied for?


Hi, I did an AC at PWC last week.

First arrived, sat in reception for 20mins with other candidates.

Then we were called into a room and immediately given the instructions for the WRITTEN TEST. This is a 16page booklet that you must summarise. It is roughly on water conservation/sustainability. And you have to display the pros and cons of the options detailed in the booklet. You have 30mins to both read through this and write a report (max 2 sides of A4). I recommend, get the structure of the report right above everything else. Look it up online, other people have said what to do for this on wiki, too. Also, don’t spend too long reading. It is tempting to try and read everything, but just flick through. Understand what each page is talking about, and find the different options that you need to write about and then just start writing!

Next, the group was split into 2. There were 9 of us, and I was put into a group of 4 and taken to do the GROUP EXERCISE. This was in another room, with 2 assessors. They give out a booklet, around 10 pages, and an individual sheet to everyone and you have 20mins to read through this. The topic is basically a company trying to become more sustainable and at the same time making a saleable product. Each of you presents a different product/idea. Make a few notes of the important points eg what you need to discuss, and the financial info. Then read through your individual sheet and make more detailed notes on the pros and cons of the option you will present. The 30mins is only just enough time to read through everything. Keep an eye on time, no one really says “okay its half past, start now”, they just say start, so make sure you check the time and keep an eye on it throughout! You’d be surprised but no one in my group seemed to be aware of the time other than me.
Start the discussion. Best thing to do is all present your idea, go over pros and cons to start. Someone will have to speak up and say this, so may as well be you. Then you will discuss. You just have to go with the flow at this point, hopefully you can rule out at least 1 option immediately, and then try and decide what is important. You will need to present the costs/profits of your product which you should work out during reading time. I struggled with this… and I don’t know why! There is also a government grant you need to consider in the costs.
Main thing with this is to be a team player. Actively listen to people, show positive body language, make eye contact, because the assessors will pick up on this and theyre easy points to get. You don’t need to make many notes at all when you start discussing, so instead show that you are a team player!!
At the end you are given a sheet for “personal reflection” and you can say where you think you were good/bad in the task.

Then, we went back to the other room to do the APTITUDE TESTS. I first did numerical, then diagrammatic. To be honest, I think they have a few different tests they give out to different groups because I found the numerical VERY hard and i normally find them easy. And some people on wiki say this is easy, some say hard. Mine numerical test had a number on the front like N3.6 so I imagine there are a few different 1s. The only difference between this and the online tests is that yes, it is on paper, and that they shuffle the questions around so that the same data/figure questions aren’t all together, but muddled up. This is fine, but if you struggle with 1 figure (which is where i fell down!), then you must remember that next time you see it to just ignore it. You will waste valuable time trying to understand the figure each time you meet it! I got to q15 in the time provided, as well as having missed 3Qs that I didnt understand! I still managed to pass the day though.
Diagrammatical on the other hand I find totally fine. I finished all 40Qs in the 20mins with time to spare… don’t think everyone does though.

Then that’s it! They do provide lunch afterwards, and a couple of graduates come down and you can ask them questions, but this part is totally unassessed and you can leave whenever you want.

Good luck


nr_rules: November 6 and Audit, you?

Katarina90 thank you so much for the insight! Have you heard anything back? Goodluck!!

I am dreading the written test the most as it seems like you have a lot to do in a short amount of time, especially if there are a lot of options!


Hi i have an assessment center with PwC tomorrow… I am from a politics background so I am a little bit worried about the maths I have to work out in the group exercise and written exercise. Could someone please give me an idea about the calculations I need to brush up on or find formulas for? Basic market share, annual profit and stuff may come easy to you guys but not so much to me ;-( Any help is appreciated. Cheers


I have just submit an application and is required to do their online test soon. I will like to know the complexity of their numerical test- is there a lot of exchange rates question? How does’s practice test fair compared to PWC’s real test? Also, is the PwC’s Occupational Personality Questionnaire a personality test that will be repeating the same questions throughout to catch you? Does anyone know what is the percentile we need to be in for both numerical and logical test? I highly appreciate your reply, as I have not been a consistent performer in online tests :frowning: Thank you!


Hello friends,

I have an assessment centre on 23 may 2013 in london for assurance.

It will be nice to hear from anybody attending this AC???