PwC 2018 - no first interview?



I was recently told that I had passed the online tests for the Spring intake of 2018. However, I was then invited to an assessment centre before I have even been offered a telephone interview or anything. Is this right? It seems everyone on here all had the interview first…


Hey which office did you apply to?


Hello, yesterday I got the offer. If you need any help send me a message, and I’ll be willing to help. I didn’t have the phone interview at all.
I would suggest you to start preparing commercial awareness asap, as without that part I don’t think it is possible to pass the final interview. The partner who interviewed me had so many questions.


Hi Sophie,I’ll attend my Assessment Center on 27th October,really hope to get in touch with you!!!I need your help.If you’re willing to do so,pls contact me via wiki job or facebook,thank you sosososososo much!


Hope you will be happy to help
I have applied for tax and I am going to take my assessment soon if you can help me with the process


Hi Sophie, Congrats on your offer!!! I have an assessment centre coming up and was wondering if you could give me a heads up as to what to expect? any help will be appreciated many thanks!


I’ve been told by their recruitment team that they scrapped First Interviews in favour of holding more frequent assessment centres - this was done to shorten the length of the application process for candidates.


Hey Sophie, congrats, I’m having my ac next Thursday. I wonder how long did you wait for the partner interview after ac? can I just start preparing after ac?
Which programme did you apply for? how was the AC?
thanks in advance