PwC 2017 Spring Partner Interview


Hi everyone, I originally applied for the intake for PwC 2016, but the date they set for applying visas for international students was passed this year, so I got transferred to the Assurance 2017 spring intake.

I did my AC in early June, and heard back I passed two weeks later, and now I’m still waiting for a date for a partner interview. I called them but they said they are still awaiting for the availability of an interviewer. It just takes so long, and I’m worried that the spring intake roles are going to be taken.

Anyone in the same situation? or has scheduled a partner interview recently?

And happy to help if anyone is preparing for their telephone interview or assessment centre.



Hi there,

I assume you are all sorted by this point! But as a reference point - if you are waiting for a partner interview, the likelihood is, that everyone else is also. If you are concerned, you can definitely call HR and say you’re worried that the spaces will be filled. They will usually tell you that you are a certain number in the list and you will be considered in that order and so there is no need to worry. Especially in your situation where you technically to be considered for the 2016 intake!

Hope this helps. Good luck!