PwC 2015 Joiners




Hi, i will be working in the Newcastle office under corporate tax, where will you be joining?


I will be London doing Management Consulting


Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me which questions will be there for relationships, tech capabilities and global acumen competencies in first phone interview? Also, can anyone give some advice what is the best way to tackle these questions since in my previous phone interview I scored very low in these competencies? Thanks in advance!


I’ll be joining Forensic Services in London… anyone else?


Hi! I will be starting the Management Consulting programme in September! Anyone else joining with me?


Hi! I’ve actually got an AC for that tomorrow morning for the spring in-take, any last minute advice? I was specially wondering whether the numerical/logic tests are marked against yourself and not everyone else? Thank you!


I will be joining the London office for Assurance this fall :slight_smile:
Anyone knows what happens next after you accepted the offer?


They do there pre-screening, you wait for your start date (if not already given) and then they now have a fb group thing. So they’ll send you the details for that too.


Hello future colleague, have you received your offer email after the call?


I got the offer email one day after the call


Quick question, will I be contacted once my pre employment screening is done?


Hi guys,

Soon I will have AC. Does any of you recall the topic for group exercise and written exercise? Is the written exercise about water conservation and the group exercise about choosing enviromentally friendly option?


Hey guys, just wondering has any of got trouble to log in embark? As I have received my offer a few days ago now I am trying to get on embark and accept it. However, after I keyed in the log in details, they system just doesn’t work?


I am joining Newcastle office as well but under assurance :smiley: are you joining in September?


Hey, there has been a technical issue for the past week or so. Pwc sent out emails saying that they’re trying to resolve it


Thanks for the reply! I have received the offer booklet and pre employment screening files via email. However, I am not so sure how to sign the secured form, just wondering have you printed it out everything before you signed, scanned and sent back to them? thanks for the help :smiley:


There is only one particular document that you need to sign. It’s about 5/6 sides I printed it out signed it then scanned it then sent it back. You don’t need to print the other document. I can’t quite remember the names of each document. I hope I’ve helped.


I only had to sign the pre employment screening form so I printed it out, signed, scanned and sent back via email as pdf. Did you have multiple pre employment screening files or just the form?


Hi, I am starting my grad program in Sept 2015 as a HR consultant in Tax. I received my offer on 18th March and I am going through the pre screening process at the moment. Does anyone know how long it takes for PwC to complete its pre employment screening process. Thanks