PwC 2014 Autumn Intake, ask me anything!


Hi guys, I got an offer from PwC Assurance, and will be joining this September. I would be happy to answer any question you have for application, interview or AC.

Besides, I would be really grateful if you could help fill this simple survey for my dissertation. It takes just about one minute.(please copy and paste the link) Thanks!


Congratulations on receiving an offer!! Good job.
I received an offer too on 11/8, and i accepted it. They told me that i should receive and email including the contract as well as a welcome document the following day, but i received none.
Yesterday i called to check and the HR officer told me that its currently in the pre-employment screening and i should not be worried.
The truth is that im worried, how long does it usually take, and could anything possibly go wrong??
Please reply.


Hi mikesala,

Big con on the offer! I received the offer pack immediately after accepting the offer, but the pre-employment check for me did last long! I think mine has taken about two months! But don’t worry, perhaps it is because I’m an international student and they do have difficulty reaching my high school to verify my A Level equivalent exams. Since you’ll start the job next month, I believe yours will be finished sooner.

Maybe you could just wait for a few days, and if don’t get the offer pack by then, just contact them again and ask. Don’t worry about the pre-employment check, once they decided to hire you, they definitely do not want to lose you since they’ve already invested so much in you!!

Congratulations again! Glad that we’ll be colleagues :))


Hi I asked a question about the personality test but no one answered so I hope you would. I am applying for PWC Graduate Programme and I have completed the numerical and logical tests. The last one left is the personality questionnaire, which I failed to pass last year when I applied to the summer internship. I think I got high score for leadership and learning capability (or something like that) and average - below average score for other criteria. My question is what personality traits PWC are looking for and what traits they dislike ? Also if you have any tips on how to pass the test I would be really grateful.