PWC 2014 AC "PWC Professional"


Hi all, I will have my pwc ac soon. I received an email recently from pwc saying that they have launched the “pwc professional” and we will have to demonstrate the skills and behaviours set out in the “PwC Professional”. Anyone who has taken ac recently could share his/her experience on we will be assessed? Thanks a lot.


I’ve attended an assessment day since the change. The actual format is the same but they said they are looking for you to demonstrate the new capabilities. I just ensured I was demonstrating these in the group exercise and the individual one. If you have any specific questions about the day feel free to ask!


Many thanks jcm1221. How did you assessment day go pls? Which of the three parts did you find most difficult? Any tips that you could share with us? Glad to know that the format is the same. How did you ensure to demonstrate these capabilities in the group exercise and written exercise? These capabilities appear more to be competency based. Thanks a lot advance.


Hi jcm1221, could you give some advises on report writing part? Have an AC coming and very concern about this part…


Hello guys, did anyone give telephone interview under the new Professional Framework system. Are they asking anything different?? Please help


Hi jcm1221,

Were you successful in the new PwC AC? If so, do you know any information about the new partner interview with the competencies?