Has anyone got any expeirences with the 2013 entrance? I have got an AC in a couple of days. Does anyone has done that already?

will the AC be different from last years or they change their content and excercises every year?



@zhiyi, Great that you entry to AC, could you pls tell me about your PwC first round interview? The process and questions? Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


@zhiyi, Great that you entry to AC, could you pls tell me about your PwC first round interview? The process and questions? Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


I had my interview in London office. Quite standard - nothing special. A team manager interviewed me. Lots of compotency based questions, LOTS. so be prepared for as many examples as possible. I only advise is try not to use all your best examples at the first few questions because later on the quesitons may seem repetative and you just ran out of examples! I was also asked about why audit etc. make sure you have done your research - I was poorly prepared for this part but got through anyway. It last for about one hour and it was quite relaxing. I think they have questions based on different areas - they may ask one question regarding each area (or two if the interviewer feels the example you provided is not sufficient, or just because there is still time left).
Best of luck


Hey, I have my AC shortly, I would really appreciate it if you could give me a run down of what it entails?



how long before they contacted you guys for the first interview after passing the online tests?


Hi Needjobs - I’ve got my AC next week and was wondering if you could give me a bit of information about it and what to expect? Thanks!


Hey… I have the same question as m.rehan.usmani… I did the online tests over 1 week ago and they still havent got back to me saying that I have passed/failed… Is this normal? or should I call them and chase them up…

Thanks! x


Thanks stringbeanjean :slight_smile:

Im not an international applicant - but they did email me some time last week asking to me to explain something on my application in more detail… perhaps that is what is slowing my application down…

Hopefully I should hear soon then!


has anyone heard back from PwC after the online tests? I took them at the beginning of september and rang a few times chasing a response but I’ve just been told my application is still under review, panicking a bit now!


Hi hmb,

I’m in the same position - applied in september, did the online tests and still waiting. not too sure what they are playing at.


Anyone else waiting for a partner interview for Assurance in London? Passed the AC over a month ago and have heard nothing since.


anyone still waiting to hear off pwc about a 2013 start? if so what position have you applied for and what office? im still waiting after doing the tests in september, guessing its probably not good news!


@hxob123 Which service line did you apply to? If it was consulting, they will consider the CVs and cover letters if you were successful and will only be inviting people for interviews after the 19th of November.


I applied to actuarial, have you heard anything back from them yet? I think it’s the same procedure for both service lines. Just getting worried now as first interviews start next week!


No i haven’t, but the process is a bit different. For consulting you also have to submit a cv and a cover letter which they review when and if you pass the tests.
I applied to consulting and they tell you that you might have to wait till after the deadline, so I’m still waiting.
Have you not tried to contact them and ask for an update on your application?


It also seems to me that if had you not passed the tests, you would have received the rejection email straight away. So probably they are still considering the applications.


hi, I have contacted them numerous times but i am just being told they will get back to me. Last time i got told it would be within two weeks which is now over two weeks ago. I rang them again this morning so hopefully should here from them soon!


Just wondering is there a FB group for those joining PwC (Graduate schemes) in 2013? If yes, please post the link up. Thanks!


Hi, I managed to get offers from both Deloitte and PwC and I used this help document which helped me through the first interview and the partner interviews. I genuinely recommend it, it has been put together by people who have been through their interview process and were successful so its definitely worth a look. Check it out on e-bay and search this item number 271133162844. Sorry it wouldn’t let me post a link.