PWC 2013 Assurance Partner Interview


Hi all,

I just got a graduate offer in London for 2013 and since this website helped me so much I thought I would share my experiences. I actually did the summer internship in a smaller office who offered me a position too but if you want to transfer offices, you lose original offer and are made to do another partner interview at the new office.

My first partner interview consisted of:

  • General questions: Why PWC? Why Audit? Why my degree choice? What do you know about PWC service lines? What will you be doing on a day-to-day basis? Etc
  • Competences: These are their main global core competences on their website. I got asked two for each so make sure you prepare and stick to the STAR technique of answering them. (Situation, Task, Action, Result)
  • What do I know about the ACA?
  • Questions for the Partner: Make sure you have some good questions prepared, it shows that you are interested. Some include, what have been your biggest achievements/ challenges? What is the most difficult thing about your job etc?

This interview was about 1 hour 15mins and I didn’t get asked any commercial awareness but make sure you know about whats going on, current issues in audit (the accountancyage website is pretty good for this), an example of a company that is doing bad and good and how whats going on in the news that could effect PWC and its clients. I got a call back the next day from HR telling me I had received an offer for the internship.

My second partner interview in London was VERY different to my first, I am not sure if that is because it was a transfer interview or if that was his interview style. Some questions I can remember from the top of my head:

  • What have you been doing in the past year and half (as my original application was a while ago).
  • What have you learnt from your experiences in the past year
  • What are your favourite subject at university and why?
  • How is the current EU situation effecting PWC and its clients?
  • What effect has the EU had on the UK on a macroeconomic perspective?
  • How does China and globalisation effect UK inflation?
  • What sub-division in Assurance I want to apply for and why? ( In London, assurance is split into different divisions so Banking and Capital Markets, Insurance, Top-Tier Firms, Mid Tier firms etc)

He then went through my CV and just asked me to talk about some of my experiences and hobbies and we finished with questions. This interview was for approx an hour and 10mins and I heard 2 days later that I got the offer!

If you are at partner interview stage… well done because its not easy! PWC like that their interviews tend to be pretty laid back and the partners are not there to try and catch you out. They do not expect you to know everything so do not think just because you didn’t answer one question properly you failed. Interview styles and questions do vary with partners but generally it is the same format. Just be sure to be enthusiastic about working in PWC and your chosen service line and have good reasons for them! They really just want to see if you can have a good conversation with someone because those are the skills you need with the clients. At one point in my second interview we started talking about travelling the world so its really just about holding a good conversation and being enthusiastic!

It can take up to a week to hear anything back but don’t assume the worst! Partners have to write up their notes and send them to graduate recruitment who will phone you to tell you. So if it is late, its only because the partner has not had the time to write up the notes but you can imagine how busy they must be! Feel free to ask me any other questions you have! :slight_smile:


Thanks GP2003! That was very useful!


Hello, I also have an offer for London Assurance 2013, will see you in September :slight_smile:


Oh great congrats! What sub-division? I’m LMT :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your offers what tips would you give for the PWC final stage partner interview?



I don’t think you find out your sub-division until a few weeks before you begin!


Yeah, how do you know already? :stuck_out_tongue: I put LMT first though.


Congratulations on your offers what tips would you give for the PWC final stage partner interview?



lol i was under the assumption you apply for it because my partner asked me about which division and why so I just assumed thats where I got the position! Guess will find out next year!


@stringbeanjean thanks for the contribution much appreciated now just waiting for a date to be given to me


HI GP2003 just wondering which offices you were transferring from as I’m asking to transfer to London too and have an interview coming up and was just curios as to where you had applied from.

Also did the partner in the second interview have your feedback from MyPerformance etc before him and did he know you had worked in a different PwC office before of did you have to bring that his attention?? Sorry to bombard u with questions but I’m just super nervous about the interview cos its taken so long for PwC to get back to me considering my summer internship ended more than 2 months ago.


I transferred from Milton Keynes! I wouldn’t worry too much really as you know why PWC assurance etc! Nope, they treat it as a brand new application so they know that you did the internship, but not your feedback etc! Don’t worry! You passed the interview once, you can do it again! :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

I’m lucky to have been made an offer on the Assurance scheme for PwC starting in 2013 - and am very happy to answer any questions anyone may have. Wikijob has certainly helped me a lot so only fair if I can give back :slight_smile:

Feel free to PM me as well!



how soon do people tend to hear back after your partner interview? had mine yesterday afternoon but have not heard anything from them today…

and it seems that most people that are successful find out the same day or the next, i’m not holding out much hope now :confused:


Hi Ria1029! I would not worry… the second time I found out two days later! It just depends on when the partner has had time to write up your notes and give them to HR! Even if you got a rejection, they still have to type up notes but I would not worry, I am sure you got the offer! Best of luck :slight_smile:


My partner wrote up my notes during the interview and I think she gave them to reception on my way out which is why I’m concerned haha!


Hi Ria,

Any chance you can share your experience a bit more like the OP? Questions asked ect? Share and share a like.

Fingers crossed you get the call you’re hoping for tomorrow morning! Your HR contact might just be real busy.


asdf5, sent you a PM :slight_smile:


hi, i had a final interview in the Manchester office for the AIMs porgramme. My final interview was over a week ago and i still havent heard anything. I rang and i was told this may be becuase of the busy times near christmas. Has anybodyelse had to wait this long before hearing back? and us it a bad sign if it has taken them over a week to respond?


Just wondering is there a FB group for those joining PwC (Graduate schemes) in 2013? If yes, please post the link up. Thanks!