PwC 2012 Joiners


Hi, Congratulations to everyone who is going to be starting at PwC in 2012.

I was wondering if there is a facebook group for new members, and if so, could somebody please send me the link for it? I have seen the other three firms all have groups with a lot of members already so I think PwC needs to join in too!



Just came across this. I’ll be starting at PwC in September. Is there any group set up as yet?! xx


PwC have a FB application for new joiners called Embark. You should get an email with instructions for how to join it within a couple of weeks of returning your Offer Booklet.


Hi livefires,

Thanks for your reply! Well, I’ve been provided access to Embark (the online boarding website) but there isn’t any link to a fb app there. I’ll check again though.


Hi OJ,

Yeah, there’s the Embark website but there’s also a FB app that they send you an activation link and code for. Conveniently they also call the app “Embark”. The email will come through from


Hi livefires,

That’s great thanks. I suppose I just need to wait for a few days. Only returned my Offer Booklet about a week ago! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for all your help! :slight_smile:



I returned my Offer Booklet a couple of months ago, but haven’t received any information about the Embark FB group yet. Do you have a link? Also, does anyone have their Autumn start date yet? Planning a holiday before I start and my sister’s getting married, but it’s a bit difficult without a start date!


Hi A549018,

I have a link but it’s only valid for me. They link goes directly to your own profile so you can check that the information they have for you is correct. As for the Autumn start dates, they’re on the Embark website. Under the ‘First Day and Beyond’ section there’s a link with ‘Your start date’ on it and the information is there. If you can’t find it, just let me know your region and business area and I’ll look it up for you.



Hi Kirsty,

Thanks very much. I can’t find a specific date for my region on the Embark website, so if you could look it up that would be great. I’m due to start in Risk Assurance in Birmingham in the Autumn.

Thanks again!


Midlands Assurance start date is 17th September according to my Embark website :o)


Hi livefires,
Can you tell me which link you’re using for accessing Embark?

Apparently anyone with any user name& password could log onto the first website. And there’s no ‘MY account’ section after you log in.
The latter one is provided in the offer email, which I used for a couple of times 2 month ago. However, it leads to an error page now.


Hi Susany,

I think the link sent in the offer email is the proper one as like you said, the other one can be accessed with any username/password. I spoke to the on-boarding team a few days ago about the error issue, they said they’re working on it and it should be sorted soon. Guess we’ll just have to wait until things get sorted! x


Hi Susany,

It was the address that’s no longer working. Although, if you’re looking for the start dates and have access to the FB app then Preet has updated the 2012 start dates discussion on the pre-joining queries group with all of the autumn start dates.



Hi guys,

I was a bit worried about reading through the post, like A549018 i have sent in my offer booklet few month ago but have not received any email regarding FB group, and the only Embark website im using is the, i can no longer get access to the other embark site, is anyone in the same situation as me, is it normal or should I give the pwc a ring?

Thank you very much for your help!


Hi JL2011,

I’m in the same situation as you. I called up PwC and asked them about it and the lady on the phone gave me an email id to write to regarding FB group access. I’ve written to that person last Monday and haven’t heard back yet. If you want to give it a try here’s the email id: Please let me know if you get a better outcome.

After being cut off from the ‘enhanced’ embark website for a few days, I’m now able to log back in. I guess it was some technical issue with the website itself rather than with login credentials of individuals. Try with a different browser or clear cookies on your regular browser, it might help.

@Guys who have access to FB group, is there something important that is being discussed or communicated on the group that we are missing out? If so, could you please let us know if there are any actions items on us?

Many thanks!


There isn’t anything of great importance coming through on the FB group. It’s mainly reminders to get yourself registered with the appropriate body (eg ICAEW or ICAS) at least 1 month before you start and the start dates. If you’re still waiting on your start date, let me know your region and business area and I’ll look it up for you :o)


Hi guys,

As livefires said there isn’t much happening on the fb group so don’t worry too much about it. I only got access to it about a month after I got my offer, so it takes some time for them to sort it out I think.

Also the Embark website is not working for me either, so its more of a broad technical glitch rather than a problem with your specific accounts.



Thanks for the info on FB discussions guys. I registered with ICAEW last week.

@livefires, I was able to look up my start date. Thank you :slight_smile:

@OJ, you are right about embark. Its on and off at its own will!

Anyone applied for an Amex card? I sent my application last week. Yet to hear from them.


hi everyone I’m also starting in september but have lost access to the embark website (i stupidly registered with my uni email and then forgot my password and the pwc helpdesk say they can’t now change to an email address i have access to!)

is there anything that is on there that i need to know? I found out start dates from my local recruiter, but is there more info about induction/anything that needs to be done before we start?



Hi Charlotte104,

You do need access to the embark website as that’s the only way you can register with your institute, fill the AMEX card application form, receive induction info when they put it up etc. I strongly recommend you try to get access to it either by contacting PwC again or by contacting your uni to retrieve your password.

good luck! x