Public versus Private Sector (+contract signing)


I have currently accepted (without signing anything) a grad scheme with the CIPFA qualification, pay is ok (anywhere between 24-28 for 3 years) great support for exams, public sector so ‘recession proof’ etc. however I am in a pickle as I have a partner interview with one of the big four (ACA). I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on public versus prvate sector employement and grad schemes? and also as I have not signed anything (i know this is a massive stitch up) but if i did get the big 4 job am I tied to the public sector one anyway?
Many thanks in advance


I’d like to know this too

I am working through the application process for a job with my local council to do CIPFA, 15-15k salary over 3 years, possibly less as my degree with fully exempt first year exams I think, but I’m dubious over the CIPFA qualification in terms of variety/longivity of career, options to move around different roles etc

Public sector is obviously far more secure, probably easier as an actual job, less pressured, flexi time etc available so those are all positives.
Private sector potentially more money in that, more prestige? more options? I don’t know

Surely quality of life has ot be considered over money, and surely CIPFA offers the opportunity to live very comofrtably, e.g. finance director of a council or NHS district etc?

Again I’d like to hear other peoples opinions on this