Public Sector Audit Interview



I’ve applied to Public Sector Audit with KPMG and have my first round interview on Friday. Just wondering if anyone on here has been through the application process for public sector audit?
Found lots of advice on here for audit in general - you guys are great! But presumably my questions will be oriented towards public sector organizations and the issues that they face.
Presumably public sector organizations in the UK are not directly effected by SOX? However I presume public agencies are required to provide many of the same internal controls required of the commercial sector by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for publicly-traded companies.
Any ideas?
Thanks so much in advance!


You’re right. SARBOX doesn’t apply to public sector organisations. I’ve not done it, but I imagine it’s going to be just like the audit interview, except you will have to explain what you know about public sector audit and be expected to have an understanding of it.

Make sure you know why you want to work in public sector audit and what is entails - it is slightly different from normal audit so you need to be aware of that.

In so far as the assessment day goes, I’d be very surprised if it is any different from the standard KPMG day.

Make sure you’ve checked out the wiki which has a ton of useful information on it to help you:

KPMG Interview Questions - WikiJob