Psychometric Verbal and Numerical Reasoning


I have been offered an interview for ESCP Europes Master in Marketing program and have been studying for the SHL verbal and numerical reasoning test… someone please help! I feel that I must be going about this in the wrong way because even though I have been doing the numerical practice test my scores aren’t really improving. I am from the US and we dont have to take these types of tests so I dont really know where to turn… does anyone who has taken the tests have any other tips or advice for me? I have been going over percentages and other math information but I am getting worried. And, does anyone know how much graduate programs in the UK weight these tests compared to the personal interview.

Pretty much any comments, suggestions, sites to visit… etc will help me! I have to take it in 10 days! ahhh!



Hi stokman,

On one hand these tests could be seen as a filtering mechanism, on the other hand, potential employers are testing your level of logical reasoning. Some people could see it as nonsense in a way that because you fail the test, you are seen by them not employable, but you are capable of doing a degree programme whch entails a lot of hard work and rather advanced assignments and exams and so on.

The tests are a barrier. According to a large number of conversations that I have had with HR people from various organisations, I come to realise that If you hit the bench mark, you progress onto the next stage. That’s it basically.

From my personal experience, the more you practice the better it gets. So, practice makes perfect.


Hi Stockman,

Well, the only thing that I can say is to practice it. Although, personally, I do not believe in what employers believe that people who will get through those tests are better then the others for the job. I personally see it in the way that those companies that provide those tests were shi…ing all employers in UK and launched strong and aggressive advertisement and roughly 80% of companies in the UK believe that only people who will pass those tests are worth of employing. Such a S…t. Those people who established those companies ruined so much in graduate employment market and put off so many skilld and motivated young people off the jobs because of their sh.t tests. But they don´t care, as long as the 80% of UK companies pay them for providing tests to graduates and they have money in their pockets from it they don’t care. Who would?

Then there is another side to this, the companies or people who publish books and materials on ´how to pass psychometric tests´. That is another wave of clever people who earn money on depressed skilled graduates who buys that material to practice for those tests. So sick.

Personally, I do not believe that if for example thos num. and verbal tests would be administered to all the people that are in those companies that are using those tests as filtering graduate candidates 80% would not stand chances to pass them. They wouldn’t t go further then 5th question.

Unbelievable what is happening in this world.

God bless


Personally I have always been of the opinion that over-thinking these tests do you no favours at all, particularly when it comes to the psychological profiling type ones. The issue with these tests is much more to see the way that you think and work things out and you often have very little time so if you spend too much time working out one of the questions you will ultimately not do very well.
They are all much of a muchness though so practice will certainly help but on the whole I would say relax and go with your gut reactions, that’s what I’ve always done and on the whole I have performed well with these. They’re not looking for the finished product just someone who has sensible thought patterns.
Good luck!


As always Stella makes some stellar comments.
These tests are to sort the chaff from the wheat and by and large hive no value after the initial stage. They are used as a filtering mechanism and that is where they stop. However the problem is that they are not universally applied amongst universities and thus one has to question why they are used. Is it as a means of cutting down on interviews? If so does this indicate that universities may be loosing out on star students?
The approach to them is not to practice and practice but to relax and allow you intuitive skills to come to the forefront. Logic is not a predictable asset.
I have lived in Russia and I would ask if it is logical for women to walk on ice in 4" hells or higher? Clearly in the UK we would say no but the Russian women say it is logical as the stillettos pierce the ice and thus they gain a foothold. Logic relates to a situation and how you as a person react in the circumstances you are faced with. Do not slog over the practice. Understand the principals and then sit back. You will do better.