Psychometric tests


Hi guys,

I was just wondering whether anyone has found any books or websites which have really helped them to pass the tests. I have applied for quite a few jobs and have always found these to be a bit of a stumbling block. I’ve had a look on amazon and all the books seem to have pretty average reviews, the major criticism being that they just aren’t realistic enough for the shl tests that all these accounting/finance firms are employing. I know from experience that most practice tests/examples are nowhere near as hard as the real thing- for example I recently did a practice test for proctor and gamble that was on their website and didn’t get a question wrong, but then found the actual test to be extremely difficult and probably failed it. So if anyone has found any resources that have really helped them to pass the shl tests it would be great if you could share them.




There are practice tests on the SHL website. The real test might differ a little in terms of difficulty, but the format and style will be similar.