PSL Tests (Numerical and verbal)


Hi there,

Has anyone done PSL online psychometric tests numerical and verbal one as I have to compleate them within couple of days. What are PSL test in comparison to SHL tests? Level of difficulty? Is it negatively marked when question is answeared incorrectly? Please, let me know! Your help would be greatly appreciated.




Please, anyone out there who has done those tests please share your experience. Thanx


Hey :slight_smile:
As far as I know, usually you are not negatively marked. However, recruiters usually check your accuracy level, meaning it’s probably not a good idea to just randomly answer questions when you ran out of time.
I just found this website on PSL:
I haven’t tried it yet though. :slight_smile:


Best thing to do is take practice tests -


Hi it may be worth trying graduat monkey if you are looking for test prep packs because they do very good tutorial videos and tests in similar style.


graduatemonkey is good too, agreed