Prudential phone interview


Anyone had a phone interview with Prudential?? Ive got one next week and was told its a 30-40 minute interview on motivation and competency.




Was this for the acturial role? Based where?

I havent heard anything since applying 2-3 months ago…



Yeah, based in London.



I got a telephone interview tomorrow! Can anyone help? Is this motivational or competency based?


hi guys

can anyone plz help me with prudential interview Qs for the Momentum Program? i will be highly grateful.



HI Nexus

I am still waiting to hear from Pru. Can you let me know when did you apply for the program and when did you receive the interview invite.




hi HSBCMania

i applied last week and got the interview call yesterday.


Hi Nexus

Can you please let me know on questions asked during the telephonic interview, I have one scheduled in 10 days.



Hi Maxus & Nexus,

Have you guys had your telephonic interviews? Can you please share your experience? What kind of questions did they ask?
I have one coming up soon for the momentum programme.


Hey no
Mine got postponed to 10 June. Please share your comments and feedback.


Mine is on 14th June. Sorry, won’t be of much help to you in terms of feedback/comments.
Good luck for your interview, though!


Hi Maxus,

How did your interview go? Can you please share any tips/questions asked?
I have one coming up!
Thanks in advance


Hi Maxus and Browncargo

How did your interview go? Appreciate if you could share what questions were asked as well as your comments and feedback. I have one coming up soon. Thanks!



they were alll motivational Qs
started with why u want to join prudential momentum, why do you think u r fit
a time when u face an obstacle
a time when u brought about a change to an existing process
a time when you had to make an unpopular decision and how did you convince your team
3 strengths and 3 weaknesses

wish u all the best


Hi guys - is there anyone out there that was lucky enough to get through to the assessment centre? If you would like to meet up and do some brain-storming or share some research or tust to thrash out some questions. please get in contact. I am based in London. contact detials: I look forward to hearing from you soon!


HI - Did you manage to get through the assessment centre?


They did ask a lot of motivational questions…

They also also asked what you understand about the programme
What has been a major challenge or set back you have encountered
your weaknesses
your strenghts
your current company’s strategy

Anyone able to share some information about the assessment centre would be sincerely appreciated.


Hi guys,
I have an assessment centre for Pru momentum on 30th June in London.
Anyone else coming there?


My phone interview is scheduled for next week.

Btw browncargos, how long was your wait between your phone interview and the notification that you were cleared for the next round?