Prospects after training contract



I’m currently on an ACA training contract with Deloitte in the Risk Consulting role. This involves Audit Support, Controls, Internal Audit, Corporate Governance, regulation etc.

Did anyone have advice for where this can lead after I finish assuming I didn’t want an ACA-based role?
I don’t regret the decision, but I can tell this isn’t for me in the long term.
I took the role because it was sold as a mix of audit and consulting, originally having wanted to do something related to management consultancy. Also, I was advised to jump on this first due to the value of the ACA and to get a taste of work with a transferable qualification at the end.

I was thinking of moving towards management consultancy, but have been tempted by a job in development or even law (having been told that previous experience and the ACA qualification can be quite attractive to law firms). I should point out that I came into this straight out of uni so I’m still relatively younger than a lot of the people coming through the scheme.




I am in the midst of a Deloitte application to the Risk Consulting - Controls area.

I was wondering if you could tell me what you do on a day to day basis on the RIsk consulting programme?

Also, I am very interesting to find out if you managed to find an answer to your question